NearFine Books ($268,000,000?)

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I have been listed used books on Amazon however there is one company which often appears. They are called NearFine. Their Amazon profile shows they have 32,629 reviews. The average is 1 review for every 20 sales made so the average would be 652,580 sales. Their website claims they have sold 894,637 books so those two figures appear to accurate.

When you look through the books they sell they are highly valued. From $20 to $500. However when you click on the books they are selling their prices are much higher than the cheapest price.

This book for example is being sold for $16 however NearFine have it listed $175.00 and yet the number of reviews they have shows they are making sales.

Podracer! Coloring Book Star Wars: Episode I...Podracer! Coloring Book Star Wars: Episode I...
If you took an average of $30 profit they would have made $268,000,000 based on the number of sales they have made.

How can they sell books ten times the value of other sellers?
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    Anyone heard of NearFine? They appear to be making bucket loads of cash.
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