Do you send out an automatic Twitter welcome message?

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Hey Warrior,

Twitter is attracting more users
every signle day and there are new
strategies to use this fact to
grow you business.

Now my question is:

Do you send out an automatic Twitter Welcome message to
your followers? If you do: what does it say, if not: why not?

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    Yes, mine encourages users to join me on facebook. I have gained a lot of new friends this way.

    Should Twitter be "down" I will have some friends in another social networking site to converse with.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I had to quit auto adding/dm'ing.

    Too many porn, gambling, & forex started following.

    IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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    I've stopped sending auto welcome DMs. Not sending one might not be the best strategy but I felt somewhat hypocritical as I never take a blind bit of notice of the ones I receive.

    I've replied to some after they've asked, "Hey, what do you do and how can we help each other?" I've yet to get a response which obviously makes me think that very few people read DMs from people they don't already know.

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    I don't care for them. They seem too spammy and most Twitter users (my research has shown) don't like them. So unless you're in there to piss people off, I would stay away from DMs.
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    yes but I delete all the ones that I receive without reading them so I'm a big hypocrite.
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    Saw a tweet today from Dr Mani. He pointed us to this page:

    Twuck You - Reply to AUTOMATED DM on Twitter

    Maybe include this link in replies to DMs if you don't care for them.

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    I say hello and thank you tell them a little about me then leave them with an open ended question for a response to start building a relationship,,, I have only had a few responses but I don't put a link, because I am truly trying to develop a long term relationship
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    I got DM "Thank you for following me ...and what are you working on?"

    This is kinda neat message inviting to talk but I still wonder if person sent it out automatically or she/he really bothered to sit and type it?

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    • Profile picture of the author Dan C. Rinnert
      Originally Posted by MemberWing View Post

      I got DM "Thank you for following me ...and what are you working on?"

      This is kinda neat message inviting to talk but I still wonder if person sent it out automatically or she/he really bothered to sit and type it?
      Seeing that I've lost track of how many times I've seen that particular DM, I'd say it was an automated one.

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        I have a message and it says: "Thank you so much for following me. I really really appreciate it. How Can I Help You?"
        and it works really well

        I do check my DM's as well. Here are SOME of the comments I received from my new followers about my message:

        "tis my pleasure.....any help is positive from where i am have a nice"

        "Before I ask for help please tell me what **I** can do for **you**. I love your website!"

        "OMG! i like u already! ;-) Facebook me: + check out my video blog too"

        "No problem! Thanks for following us. Honestly, we're sort of new to Twitter, so can I get back to you on that? Very kind of you!"

        "It's so kind of you to connect with me, Lama. If I can help you, please ask any time. Until then, be well my new Twitter friend ~ Lizz"

        "I am crazy about your view on how important poetry is. It's a pleasure to have you following. Thank you!"

        "Thank you.. I was going to ask you the same thing.. If you ever want to tweet and say hello feel free. Have a fantastically warm day".

        "pleasure's mine ...and its so nice of you ...i'll let you know, once i'm in need of help!have a gr8 day!"

        You dont have to link to your site in your welcoming message because if you send a nice message new followers will check your site because they like your message

        Just my 2 cents. and one more thing, whatever you do dont send them a DM with a link to a product to sell. it really really puts them off.

        Warmest Regards,
        Lama Kalla
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    If you are using an Auto DM. What are you using to send it?
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  • Profile picture of the author Trent Brownrigg
    No, I don't send one. And, on that note, I can't stand when people do send them! They are annoying to delete and can build up very quickly.

    You can find internet marketing strategies, SEO consulting, and tons of business advice at BAM!

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    • Profile picture of the author Peter Bestel
      Originally Posted by Trent Brownrigg View Post

      They are annoying to delete and can build up very quickly.
      I discovered a bulk delete bookmarklet that might ease your annoyance:

      Delete Direct Messages in Bulk

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    • Profile picture of the author RogerH
      I do not send auto DMs and I generally don't reply to the ones that do unless I already know the person outside of Twitter.

      If I'm following a company, I half-expect an auto DM if I follow them but I also don't reply. This type does not bother me.

      But if I follow a person because I happen to think what they're posting is halfway interesting/useful then I do not want to see a message from them saying "thanks for following! check out my site at!".

      That may just get them immediately unfollowed.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ron Killian
    I have not sent auto welcomes, but always wondered if I should, if I was missing out. And wondered if it helped at all, such as traffic.

    Great to see some feed back here.
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    • Profile picture of the author michellegreen
      I do, but I don't link to my website. Mine is more like "thanks for following me. I'll follow you back!"

      I also have auto follow and unfollow set up so if they following me, then I'll follow them and vice versa for unfollows.

      As for posting my links, I sometimes (not always) post a link in my tweets.

      I do get a bit of traffic from Twitter, so it is definitely worth posting links at times.
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      • Profile picture of the author findtips
        Originally Posted by michellegreen View Post

        I do, but I don't link to my website. Mine is more like "thanks for following me. I'll follow you back!"
        That's much more palatable Michelle and it wouldn't bother me as much. On the contrary, someone that DM's "What are you working on right now?" ... I feel like saying, "It's none of your damn business what I'm working on now please go away!" LOL
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  • Profile picture of the author ExtraB
    Personally I ignore most auto thanks for following messages. Sometimes I will skim them over... and on the rare occasion will click on a link.

    Truthfully, I don't care much for them and tend to think they are annoying but thats because most people use them in a spammy or cheesey way. At the moment I am working on a Twitter report and plan to investigate this toping a little more and uncover when its ok to use this method and when its not.. how to do it so its effective or useful etc. I tend to think that using it all depends on your situation and if you can do it with grace and class... otherwise it could just be a credibility crusher for you.

    I hope to give everyone my conclusions after I have done my research and had time to ponder the issue further.

    Great thread and thanks for starting it.

    Eric Bonnici
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  • Profile picture of the author Takuya Hikichi
    I don't send those. It costs people time to read my DM and automated ones aren't my cup of tea.
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  • Profile picture of the author monopuff
    I'm actually split testing this..

    The most effective strategy for CTR I've found is to softly encourage them to check out your bio link if they are interested in <niche/solution/whatever>

    The trick at being effective and not spammy is to slowly trickle your affiliate links in between the meat of your tweets (that sounds strange).. You're on 24/7, if you want a long term strategy with twitter you can't be aggressive.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Lee
    I have an automatic DM that says:

    "Cool, thanks a lot for the follow. I'll be posting a lot of useful persuasion and self-help tips to help improve your life, so hang on tight..."

    It's automatic, so even if only a few people see it, it sets them up with the expectation that they'll be getting great info from me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dana_W
    I started a thread about this the other day which apparently REALLY got under people's skin - basically the point of my thread was that I HATE auto DMs and I think they are bad marketing. They take up people's time and they are the equivalent of a form letter. How excited are you to receive a form letter? Now, how much better is it to receive a personally hand written letter?
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  • Profile picture of the author WinsonYeung
    I don't send automatic tweets, because I don't want to contribute to the spam in twitter. Whenever I login to twiter, I saw people posting lots of url which look like spam -.-
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  • Profile picture of the author TVS TELEVISIONS
    Yes I do. I liked it when I joined and got an immediate acknowledgement. Makes it easy to learn more about the person who just took the time to decide to follow you and start a relationship if you choose.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jack Bastide
      I didn't used to Send Automatic Twitter Welcome Messages
      but a Well Known Twitter Guru named Dana Wilhoit told me
      it was a good idea so I started doing it


      If you can drive Biz Op Phone Calls .... I'm Buying

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