How Many of You Are Using Facebook in Your Marketing?

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Let's "face" it, most Facebook accounts look the same and for the most part that's OK.

We have taken a different route though. We created a "page" and then did some custom coding to our "Fan Page." We then added some additional tabs and created content and images that goes with our main website branding.

Some of you probably already know how to do this but it takes a combination of coding AND FBML - Facebooks own coding.

Here's a link to see our "Fan" page and what can be done and this is just the tip of the iceberg! This is for no other purpose but to show what CAN be done and I would prefer that you don't become a "fan" are interested in golf!

This, again, is not about promoting our Facebook but to share with our community here.

Medicus Golf Institute | Facebook
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    So I guess no one is using Facebook in their marketing! :rolleyes:

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    I am interested if in the past year or so anything has changed. Anyone being successful in using Facebook in any manner for business?

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    I have been testing out advertising physical products through facebook but I wasn't happy with the return. Instead I pointed to a fan page and did contests for products but eventually it just wasn't worth it unless I was outsourcing it.
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    Most the stories I hear have very low to no results... People that have friends that read their walls / updates and post to many marketing ads, end up getting blocked or dropped from the friends. I'm finding that Facebook isn't the best choice for short term mass marketing campaigns, but can prove to be a very valuable asset in your long term campaign (slowly).
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    The $500 a day ebook I found from Adams seems working enough. I got a fan page but I dont use it for promotions. Am I missing the chance of promoting my site? I dont think so. If you need traffic, a fan page can help but I doubt the conversions.

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    I have Facebook pages for some of my sites and I have a few very large groups that I sometimes use to promote some CPA offers or other relevant links. That's about it. Facebook is really tough on marketers actually. They want you to use their integrated ad system which pretty much sucks.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    I have a few groups on fb where i promote products but give advice too. it's the perfect way to 'bond' with people. gain confidence. let prospects get to know you.

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      I use facebook ads and drive them to my sales video - Its my main source of sales right now.

      I didnt get much of a return when I tried to promote the fan page

      - Justin
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        Originally Posted by Justin Goff View Post

        I use facebook ads and drive them to my sales video - Its my main source of sales right now.

        I didnt get much of a return when I tried to promote the fan page

        - Justin

        Is your sales video located on an opt in page as well?
        Or is your sales page on the facebook network?

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    I am using it, more subtly than most. I am still learning the ropes. I stopped inviting friends at about 200 but now have almost 400 friends. I am tinkering with it a bit more than using it for marketing. I have posted one offer, but was surprised at the low response. I'll learn more later, that I am sure of.

    BTW, almost all are in the IM Niche...but I did end up with two movie actresses.

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    For me, Facebook really works. It's so easy to target specific niches who are interested in your products. and we are not speaking of low-sized audience here. There are millions of users worldwide.
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  • Are you kidding Me? Ofcourse I use Facebook and about 10 other Social Networking Site! They are GOLD MINES!!!! Trick is, setting your profile up correctly.

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    using FB for marketing is also helpful and in fact lots of peoples, both fellow warriors and others, claim its effectivity. you can design them with a welcome page to attract attention. most people would usually click to enter your page once they notice your welcome page looks interesting.

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