One of those "Doh" (As Homer Simpson Would say) Moments.

by Tim_Carter 3 replies
Yesterday I was thinking about monetizing one of my sites further.

For those who haven't tried a high value one time offer you should think about this.
I had a low price OTO ($27) after a sale. It was only converting at about 10%.

I decided to add a high value product related to my main product and I priced it at $197.

Well - damn if it hasn't converted at 50% so far. (A small number of customers though).

I could kick myself in the butt for not trying this sooner. This will easilt add at least $2k to my bottom line.


Just thought I'd share that experience. By the way the front end product is $67 - so each sale with the OTO got me $264 - a big increase.
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