Early goals for 2014. Yeah I'm first with this.

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Okay goals for 2014 but first a talk.

Winter is fast appoaching, why is this important because November thru March is the best time for Internet Marketers. Everyone is staying home keep warm ect.

It's like September is the largest birth month of the year and I try to capitalize on that and to further make money on it. Monday and Tuesday is the most relevant birth days of the month.

Don't worry, June, July and August are great months too so you can make money then.

You have to be ready for seasons and know whats coming upon us.

So my goals for 2014 are in order.

1. Help as many people I can with no expectation of return at all.
(Once someone here said and he is a top poster that free advice and cheap advice is worthless, not the exact terms but you get it.) Don't believe it.

2. I will capitalize on the seasons better and be better prepared.

3. I will run no offers that do not promote a list. List building is essential and worth way more then sending someone to an offer.

4. I will try to promote only the best products and not send my lists more than 2 offers a month and try to keep it down to 1.

5. I will honestly try to be the best friend I can to everyone I encounter.
I have a problem with my attitude and mouth, well I can't help it, one thing that sets me off is someone giving you bad advice when they have no idea of the subject and trust me we can tell this by reading the post.

That is my goals. No monetary in that or anything like that, because I feel as if I hit my goals the returns will be great.

Hope you post to this and start this thread off even if I am 3.5 months early.
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    Hey, good luck with your 2014 goals, hope everything works out for you!
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      My, you're in a hurry!
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        Already accomplished my gioals for 2013 ready for the next year. Every year is more awesome than the previous.

        Originally Posted by briantalk View Post

        My, you're in a hurry!
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    I hope you are gonna hustle it in 2014 hustlin smoke. For the winter part you are right, it's a great time to either study or work on IM projects.

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    My goals for 2014- Make $1Mil.
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    See thats what I mean, yeah would be great to make one million but I have been doing this a long time. I'm talking about computers in general.

    I have tried hitting full time in Internet Marketing and Full time in a Computer Shop. I hate it. I mean once you go full time and it's all about the money it seems to not be any fun any longer.

    I get most my enjoyment out of helping people and seeing the 2 to 3 percent succeed. Yeah I don't have a great track record lol, but no one else does either.

    Too many people either come in thinking, I'm going to get rich. I'm going to quit my day job or I will be the Guru. Just do it because you like it, that is all you need to do.
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      Thanks Art. Hope your having a great day man.
      Originally Posted by Art of Marketing View Post

      Hey Hustlin!

      That is great that you place that seed in the back of our heads.

      For me every week and every month I am on the lookout for events that can create a huge impact in my business.

      If you already accomplished your goals for 2013 then raise the bar brother!

      2014 will be an election year so I do try to plan according to major events but beyond that I am trying to squeeze every day I get for all its worth.

      Thanks again for planting the seed.

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    I am always goal setting and I am not one for just yearly I am doing daily and also weekly :-)

    It always go to the bigger yearly goal :-)

    Good luck with yours :-)

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    My goal is to take more advantage of paid advertising. That's where the real money is at!
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      Originally Posted by misterkailo View Post

      My goal is to take more advantage of paid advertising. That's where the real money is at!
      Very well said! This is how I am doing it and definitely can confirm it. If you build your campaigns the right way, there is a lot of money to be made!
      Google PPC isn't a mystery... It can be conquered!
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