Would it be hard to build another "SECOND LIFE??"

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Would it be hard to build another "SECOND LIFE??"

Cuz I have an idea for another second life. I actually think I might be onto something too. But I'm not sure how challenging it would be to do that kind of thing. I guess it would help to actually try the game and see what it's like first. But I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea of how hard that kind of thing would be to develop???

Like are there any development engines that would allow for something like that to be built quickly rather than from scratch? :rolleyes:
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    Development of such an idea would take a lot of time and man power, plus running costs for MMO are enormous. I hope you plan on outsourcing as you can't really just go from newbie to second life developer, no matter what program you use. I personally have built a FPS and have experience in 3D and getting to even 25% takes a lot of effort. For a hobby it is worthwhile but as a business you will need a lot of funds to hire people, we are talking about at least a year of development.

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    I have been learning programming and 3D graphics for years. I have been learning seriously for over a year all on my own. Maybe in 3 or 4 years I would consider something that big. Notice I said consider! You would need a big, big team to tackle that. Not just programmers and artists but marketing people and people that do nothing but monitor the game just to make sure everything is working and people are able to get on and play. You would need a team of web people just to keep the game running and the servers working. You would need your own dedicated servers. You would need a team to just handle the website that you are gonna need and a financial team to handle that end of the business if your marketing team can get it popular enough to make any real money and you will probably need a lot more.

    If I were you just stick to programming as a hobby and find something else to do in marketing.

    If you want to talk programming, compare notes PM me I am into game programming! I have been learning c++ and c# and a basic language that was created specifically for games.
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    No but am interested there is a big market and money to be made there.
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    hehe that's some big projects and i mean BIG BIG BIG !!!

    you better have done some smaller project under your bell before as you will get that crazy with big stuff.

    i did a big website a couples of years ago, something for a major city, like 400 pages, 3 languages, customized CMS, professionnal video, etc... (sold it for $150K) and that was hell (and i'm doing computer jobs for 25 years)

    just be sure you are ready for crazy stuff
    example my top gun programmer had a kite accident, broke many bones and was in bed for months...

    Have fun (i mean real fun lol)
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    I don't think there's any existing framework for that kind of thing, so everything would need to be custom and made by hand. Programming labour for that kind of project (for decent engineers) would be expensive.
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    Dude, a second Second Life?

    That will require more time, money, and effort than you probably have to put forth. You'll need development teams for just about everything, from coding to clothing to models to environments and more.

    Then you're going to need to take some time and a team to sit down and really figure out what Second Life offers, what you can improve on, what new things you can add to make it more interesting, see how they did their version of things, etc.

    After that, you'll need to get someone (or a group of someones) to start coming up with the basic concepts for all the clothing, models, props, environments, and more.

    Then you'll need to get your modelers to model it, the texture-team to create the textures that will really bring the models and other things to life, then get the environment/prop artists to create the houses, furniture, shops, etc.

    This is all before you even begin coding, and you'll need to start from scratch cause like hell will Second Life let you just take what they got.

    Then you'll need to work and get things into the game, using an engine (unity is free, but an odd learning curve.) and a team who knows how to use and take the code created by your other teams and turn it into working things in the game.

    Then you'll need months of alpha testing, beta testing, etc, finding as many glitches, bugs, and bullshit as you can.

    With a small team (maybe 10-20 people?) you could possibly knock this out in the next two years.

    But there's an asston of stuff that I didn't even go over that is in the pipeline, like creating the animations, currency system, whether you're going to accept real money for in-game money and how to implement that, etc.

    So, this would be a huge project, think about at least $100,000 to get it started and pay for everyone, and give it the possibility of running on at least a year before you get to the point of being able to even alpha test.

    Are you ready for that kind of commitment?


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    Sean said it better than I did but that was my point exactly. There is a market for indie games. If you can program well enough make a small interesting game. It does not have to be mind blowing graphics just interesting and fun to play.

    There is a whole market of indie games on Xbox live. If you can program or learn to program C# and Microsoft XNA you can make games and put them on Xbox live and make money. I would love to do it but I gotta get better first.
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