Dripping content reduces refunds?

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Anyone tested this? Let us say that you offer a 3 month money back guarantee and you drip your content over a 4 month period. Will this reduce refunds or what are your experiences with it?
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    It depends on how good the first three months' content is, I'd think. As well as how well each bit of dripped content sets up the next bit (anticipation).

    Put out crappy content, and it doesn't matter if you drip it or not, you'll get refunds.

    On the other hand, dripping content does tend to cluster refunds from the "grab it all and quit" crowd around when they figure out they can't just grab all the content.

    One scenario I've seen offered, and that made perfect sense to me, (assuming you're asking for upfront payment) is to offer full refund for the first month, then prorata refunds after that.
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    John nailed it!

    In theory it will help - but if the first 3 months of content sucks it won't matter.

    I used to do the drip feed thing - but realized it was more of a pain than help for my membership site.

    My experience is that some folks will refund the first week or month. While others will make it longer. But those that actually follow the content and take action are around for much longer.

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      Wouldn't surprise me. In sales, familiarity breeds contentment.
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