What do I do next with a bunch of Autoblogs?

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About a two years ago aI purchased about 15 Autoblogs from a Flippa as my entry into Internet Marketing. Since that time they haven't made any money and despite some marketing efforts on my part through link building and articles. I even gave up on them and they havent even been hosted since live january.
I wondering whats the best course of action...
-Should I just keep the domains?
-Pay my host gator account and get them live gain?.
I think that I would like to resell at some point on Flippa..

Thank You In Advance for everyones advice.
If I were to do it gain I would have just bought one site and poured all my efforts in that one..

Live and Learn
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    What niches do your blogs cover? and how many blogs are we talking about? I might be able to help you, if you could educate me
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    autoblogs are pretty hard to rank now even for long tails provided the content is gonna be duplicate. let some guys says duplicate content does not matter but that's another story...

    Damn people with live blog with decent content are trying hard for survive for rankings.

    Just in those times (around 2 years back) I used to have autoblogs and making decent from Ad-sense (I focused on image blogs - Scrapping image from blogpost , trim the post and add bunch of other stuff and post a lot on the autoblogs.) With 1500-1700 UV a day it was how i got my first adsense check and 2nd. Then as time demanded i moved on.

    Not sure if that would still work or not but you can try with one of them and making them a niche image blog. Shouldn't be so hard to a blog setup already.

    Once they get traffic (Even little) try filliping them off flippa. It's wont be a good idea to keep them with you now.
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    Originally Posted by Radio72 View Post

    If I were to do it gain I would have just bought one site and poured all my efforts in that one..
    This right here. Trying to market and promote 15 blogs is alot for anyone to attempt and unless you have the funds to hire a marketing person for each, you're going to wear yourself thin as it sounds like you've experienced already.

    I'm not a fan of autoblogs but, if I were you here is what I would do:

    Pick one or two that you are most interested in from what you have and put together a marketing plan for them.

    Depending on your niche, your plan could include building up a facebook page (you might have to do some paid FB marketing to get the ball rolling on this).

    Blog commenting
    Forum commenting (with a signature link to your autoblog)
    Youtube videos

    I'd probably pick one or two of these strategies and do them daily. The other autoblogs, I'd probably just try to sell off and then focus on building sites with unique content, products and services to sell in the future.

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    Assuming you don't want to put much effort into these...

    If they are intact, it seems cheap enough to bring them back to life and see what they do. I would have to assume they are no longer indexed, so if you can get them indexed again it would be interesting to see what Google does with them. They might rank short-term for long tails as G rediscovers them.

    If that all flops, which it probably will, I'd pick the one that I like the most, delete the content and start over with it as an aged domain.
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    Just add in some adsense ads and affiliate offers but autoblogs are very hard to rank almost impossible because of the duplicate content.

    Blogger at RicherOrNot.com (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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