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I have a question regarding the originality of the content.

I have made a product review website and got some reviews written from an article writer. In all the reviews, the first 2 paragraphs are sentences taken from internet mainly about the product taken from the manufacturers and other websites.

In terms of percentage this makes around 20-30% of the article. Rest of the article is unique and original.

My question is should I post these articles on my website and what are implications of this?
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    Originally Posted by omarlodhi View Post

    My question is should I post these articles on my website and what are implications of this?
    Any time you're using content that's copied from anyone's website, regardless of if you're promoting their product, you run the risk of them coming after you for copyright infringement.
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    Copyright Infringement is a serious issue. Duplicate content is not.
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      Originally Posted by tpw View Post

      Copyright Infringement is a serious issue. Duplicate content is not.
      Duplicate content, if it is yours, still has some SEO risks. If it is not yours, then you will get yourself in plagiarism trouble.

      I you outsourced the article, then why would you accept completely-copied paragraphs in each article when you can demand that the article must be completely unique. If you want to maintain the main thought, rewrite the first 2 paragraphs per article.
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    There is a ton of content sources in the Net that allow to use their texts, images, videos etc absolutely legally. Don't steal and you'll be fine.
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      For those warning against infringement or plagiarism, you are absolutely right. But I didn't get that from the original post.

      Quoting data provided by the manufacturer is perfectly legit, and could easily be 20-30% of a short review.

      Sounds to me like the OP is still carrying that duplicate content monkey on his back.
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    Agree with John above me.

    If it's something along the lines of product specifications from the manufacturers, then it's fine.

    I'd be a little cautious about copy and pasting from other websites though.

    Content duplication is only a major issue if the content is duplicated on the SAME SITE.

    If it's posted on two different sites, that should be just fine (to the best of my limited understanding)
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    Yeah you should make it as original as possible. Try re-wording it at least but in the future make sure there aren't big blocks of content that are copied.
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    How much effort would it take to write an original description for your product?

    Wouldn't an original description for each product be more useful to your site visitors than something taken from a manufacturer's website? What better way to convince someone to click on your affiliate links in the review than to describe the product in a better way than your competitor.
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