Help! Trying to post first WSO but can't figure something out

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OK I promise I'm not stupid, but I can't figure this out.

I'm trying to post my first WSO right now (Saturday, May 16, 2009, at 5:40 p.m. Central Time in the USA), so if anyone is out there and can tell me what to do, I would truly appreciate it.

I've got the buy button codes from my e-junkie account and I have pasted them into the thread I'm posting for my WSO.

Got it.

Now when I click "Preview Post," all of it looks like normal text and I see the html code for my buy buttons, but no buy buttons.

Does it look right once I submit?

Or am I doing something totally wrong?

Also, how do I make headlines and stuff in my post? All I've got is normal-looking text.


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    Hi Jill,

    I just put up my first WSO last night so I feel your pain! Let's see if I can help you any.

    I also used E-junkie but did not use the buy buttons because I couldn't figure it out either. I ended up just using the code between the " " and making a text link out of it which is working fine.

    To be able to do headlines and such, you need the WYSIWYG option turned on. Go to UserCP then Edit Options. At the bottom of the page in the Miscellaneous Options section, select Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing.

    There is probably an HTML switch mode somewhere on this WYSIWYG screen which would allow you to use the E-junkie button but I haven't figured that out yet.

    HTH and good luck with your WSO!

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    Thank you SO MUCH.

    I was freaking out a little bit.

    Hopefully I've got it taken care of.

    Good luck to you with your first WSO!

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      Hi Jill,

      Unfortunately, you can not use the code directly the way e-junkie provides it for you. You can copy the image link from the code and click on insert image and insert the code there. The image will appear.


      ////<a href="" target="ej_ejc" class="ec_ejc_thkbx" onClick="javascript:return EJEJC_lc(this);"><img src="" border="0" alt="Add to Cart"/></a>///

      The code in red is the link to the buy button.

      Now... Once the image is displayed, you can click on the image to select it. Then click on insert link and the little box to insert link will appear. Insert the code that is in green. That's link to your order page on e-junkie.

      The images they provide are quite small. I suggest using a larger buy now or order now button. You can get them from many places. You would have to host the button on your own server or at free photo hosting place. Get the link to your image and insert that into your WSO. Then the same way as above, you can make it an order button.

      Hope this helps,

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    Just find yourself a nice buy button and put the html code around the buy button image if the ejunkie code isn't working out. As for plain text, see the bbcodes in the Posting Rules box below this message to learn how to use bbcode to make headlines, bigger text, insert images, colored text, etc.
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      I just did a "click here" which went to a plain html page which had my paypal payment button there to click.

      LOL, I completely understand what you're saying.

      There are so many ways to do it depending on how you want to funnel and where your product is located.

      That was probably the one thing that prevented me from doing one sooner.

      The technical side of it.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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