Is offering a "Free Report" on Twitter via DM an effective way to build a list?

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Since so many people consider auto DM's on Twitter to be junk mail, is offering a "Free Report" via DM an effective way to build your list?
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    So many people are doing this that it seems to have lost any effectiveness it once may have had.

    When using twitter or any other social media it's important first to build a relationship with people and offer them things of value with no strings attached.

    If someone walked up to you on the street and said, "Hey! Buy my stuff!" Would you buy their stuff or would you be annoyed and ignore them? I bet you would ignore them.

    This is what happens when you throw offers at people when you have no relationship with them.
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    Someone DM's me with something like that and I just unfollow them. From what I have seen in the "Auto DM's are just evil" thread, I think a lot of people have the same reaction.
    It's different, of course, if conversation has initiated the DM.

    I wouldn't do it - but I know a lot of marketers who would. Why not just tweet the offer now and again between real tweets?

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      Unfollow them immediately.

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