I am losing house and kids, I am trying hard to make any money at all.

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I have studied most aspects of internet marketing and web design and am average or above at 90% of stuff I would be looking at like quick and cheap web sites with free seo/blog/coaching and have a higher proficiency in pod-casting and video as I have T.V and radio experience so I have proof of work on site. The Best Online Media Company For Your Start-Up Business An illness followed by an injury lulled me into false sense of security.

Traffic is the thing I have the most education and focus on but it also takes the longest most times to go through the marketing cycle with most companies.

I am literally days away from complete homelessness.

I know how to build sites am good with WordPress and can promote them locally better than average and would be willing to do it very cheap by comparison. I am in desperation mode and not a false alarm.

I just sold my last item of value besides computer including car.

Here is my question:

Is it best to approach business owners that I know tend to need services like mine and offer them an incredible deal backed like providing sites ahead of payment instead of the typical 1/2 down.
I could do 1/2 when I am half done the rest when complete and throw in several extra things.

All the coaching, consulting and social marketing and what not is nice when you have the luxury of time but if it was the old west and you walked into town and had to earn your living that day ( lets pretend they have electricty) what would you do?

Where would you start?

No WSO ideas please I own half of them from last couple years. Yes, part of my problem. Please just your best advice for best chance if a person has the skills that are online related to website building/blogs and marketing related business. Something I could start up tomorrow and have a chance at even a $100 a week. I am willing to work 80 hour weeks.

I will do anything. Fivver. Turk. Anything. Desperate. Never dreamed this could be reality. Will work like my life depends on it and if I cant do the work I will not say I can as that just digs me in deeper.

Thanks for listening,

You guys have given me an education I doubt 4 years of college could have in this business without any loans to feed!

Kyle O
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    Well it happens to almost every one. Since we all know that 95 - 98% of people trying to make money don't make money at all.

    But thank your Star you are good with a service (WP theme design). So what you should focus on is how to build good client base for your service. Approach local businesses and give them offers they won't resist.

    Another thing about people that offer service products is the are poor marketers. So if you are poor with marketing, I suggest you JV with a good local marketing firm or marketer

    They (local marketing firm or local marketer) do the marketing while you concentrate on producing good stuffs.
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    Originally Posted by themusiccoach View Post

    I am literally days away from complete homelessness.
    Hi Kyle

    I don't want to pee on your fireworks, but my advice would be to stop wasting your time here. Don't be deluded into thinking you can turn your life around in a few days. Speak to your creditors, then sit down with a pen and paper and work out a proper plan for how you will get out of the mess you are in.

    Good luck.

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    have ou tried practicing email marekting on safelists and using it to build a list of your own
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    Hi Kyle,

    Will is right. If you're struggling this bad, focus on survival. You need to figure out how to make immediate cash now to resolve the crisis.

    Worry about putting food on the table and a roof overhear. Best way to do this quickly is discussed in the following thread which you may find helpful:

    What To Do If You're Desperate

    I'm not saying cancel your online efforts forever, but suspend them until you have the basics covered. And the basics usually boil down to some kind of labor and/or offering some sort of useful service offline.

    I'll sincerely be hoping for the best for you.
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