It's possible to change WSO bumped headlines!

by George Wright 0 replies
Hi all,

I did some quick research and if I was reading correctly, subject lines can be changed on this board.

The catch?

They have to be changed by a MOD. So how does that help anyone bumping a WSO.

I remembered back to the old forum. If we wanted to get our title changed, a little $5 brew to the Mod in charge of that would get us a new title.

Perhaps, with Allen's approval we could send $5 or so in with our bump fee and get a mod to change the Subject Line.

Another way would be to send the $5 or whatever to the Mod and bump the WSO after the change was made, thus bumping the WSO with the new Subject Line.

Many have said they would like to test a new subject line of a bumped WSO. This is the best of both worlds. No need to restart a WSO without the read/post counts and feedback and still have a new subject line to test.


George Wright
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