^NEW¨- A Website Where FREELANCERS Work In Exchange For Items...

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People work for MONEY. They need that money to buy ITEAM...name them, LAPTOPS, PHONES, CARS, etc...how about if I had a BROKEN or older laptop that I didnt use and no money in my pocket, yet I needed a SERVICE...wouldnt it be GREAT if I had a WEBSITE where I could post that request and I get someone to offer me the service in exchange for my item?

I`m thinking of setting up such a website where people work for items!

Sorry, sometimes I brainstorm out loud...so what do you think guys, Outright Crazy, or Practical?
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    It sounds good, no clue if there are already similar sites out there though. Recently my city (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), offered a somewhat similar system, allowing neighbors to exchange services. I believe services are easier to exchange, because goods would have more tax implications (in my country at least) and logistic problems.
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      You mean barter?

      Friend, that system has been around since the time when the only "infoproducts" were cave drawings showing where the safe watering holes were.
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        You mean barter?

        Friend, that system has been around since the time when the only "infoproducts" were cave drawings showing where the safe watering holes were.
        You made me LOL, I bet that actually happened too. hehe
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  • Patrick,

    You have a novel idea here. As john points out its probably not new but that doesn’t really matter. Look at Starbucks. They started selling something that every gas station from coast to coast had already been selling for decades. The difference was their messaging and their marketing. I think you could be successful with this but it will hinge on how well you can promote the site and how you promote it as well.

    Best of luck,

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      Patrick, you have a double-edged blade here.

      On one hand, barter is an ancient concept, so your challenge is to keep peoples' attention long enough for them to see the benefits you offer.

      On the other hand, you shouldn't have much trouble with people not understanding what you're doing as a concept.
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    A couple of years ago I wrote some articles in exchange for this guy's info-product. He liked my articles and I liked his info-product.

    I think its doable although you are talking about physical items.

    A couple of things to iron out is who pays for the shipping of the physical item? And who gets what first? Is the service performed, then the item is shipped? Or is the item shipped first, then the service is performed?
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    Have you done any research to see if such a thing exists already. Think about what keywords you would use and an exact match domain name. I think it would be a big hit!
    Good luck and let us know the outcome.
    Geri Richmond
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    The biggest obstacle would be the logistics involved in sending the "items"...
    If you are talking locally like your city/town yeah it could work but shipping items long distance?
    How does the service provider know he is not going to get stiffed?
    What if the item arrives broken?
    Who gets what first?
    Who pays for shipping?
    Power grids are not Universal, 220v vs 110v etc.?

    Just a few thoughts...
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    It seems like a decent idea. I think you would have to keep it within the country the two people are in.

    The website itself could offer a type of escrow service. Once the project is completed, it can be sent to one of the staff members to verify it. They can then give the go ahead to the person to send the product.

    You will have people try to scam the system, sending an empty box or not even sending it period. You can put into place the same methods of deciding the legitamacy of the claim like PayPal does.

    You won't have as many people trying to scam that says they never received it, because they will not have anything to gain, they already did their work.
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      Quickhaggle.com has a similar operation. It has been for sale on Flippa several times, but it's not selling because it's not generating income or users. Not sure if the idea is not good or promotion of the site is bad.

      Have a look before you jump in and spend time, energy and money on the idea.

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    Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    What would you do for a Klondike bar?
    Is that with or without maple syrup?
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      Hey, HD!

      It's good to see you!

      I was just wondering where you had been just a couple of days ago.

      Glad to see you are alive and doing fine.

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        Thanks Terra, I missed you too :-)

        I was kindly granted a short enforced holiday from WF - as you do when a certain Mod takes exception to reasonable comments made to them, but strangely interprets it as rudeness to other members, despite no complaints. Oh well, c'est la vie.

        I decided to voluntarily extend my break, partly in deference to the omnipotent one, but mainly due to the fear that I would have exacted retribution for their wholly unjust actions in a way so elaborate and cunning, their Walls of Jericho would surely have come tumbling down . . . faster than Homer Simpson scoffing a wedding buffet made for the entire town of Springfield. I'll save that for another time then.

        So let's resume familiarities, with you and my other WF friends. That is unless hawkeye is in the wings, monitoring the lines. In which case (knowing their petty mindedness) I'll say "Merry Christmas" to you in advance. As Oates said to Scott in the Antarctic blizzard . . "I am just going outside and may be some time".
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          Originally Posted by Horny Devil View Post

          Thanks Terra, I missed you too :-)
          Aw shucks, but thanks!

          Now, I don't know about all of that other stuff you so cleverly wrote about, but I'm thinking you need to mosey on over to the lounge, sit back, relax and do some reading, perhaps some chuckling, and entertain us with some of your witty quips.

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    It sounds like a great idea, but the real question is, how would you arrange the barter exchange in a way that provides value for both persons?

    Get over that minor hump and it certainly could be successful
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    That is a great concept
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