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Hello all!

While not a complete newbie at selling online I am new to the idea of selling my own products such as ebooks, software, etc.

I see several ecommerce options and ways to secure the downloads themselves but thought I would ask for some help with picking the best option.

Most all my websites are wordpress based and I use paypal for most of my payments.

I am considering also Optimizepress for future sites and wasn't sure if that was a complete option that can cover my needs in this area or not.

I appreciate any and all assistance.
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    2 ways you can help yourself:

    1. Stop using PayPal as your primary payment method. Get a real merchant account and offer PayPal as an alternate payment method for those that want to use it.

    2. Focus less on protecting your content and more on delivering a better experience to folks that are not going to steal your content. There ar many "off the shelf" protection tools that provide reasonable protection and this is as far as you should take it.

    If Microsoft and Hollywood cannot stop rampant piracy with all their resources, how can you expect to stop it? Minimize it - yes, stop it - no.

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      Good info.
      I am already talking to my bank that I have my business account with about the merchant account so that should be done soon.

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I appreciate it.
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    You might consider the done for you ones like Click bank, JV Zoo, nanacast, infusion soft, affiliate harvest, and there are many others.

    These vendors will secure your product, and help you recruit JVs/affiliates to help you sell more of your own product.

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    Just watch your file size limitations with some of those listed. Some are better suited to smaller files i.e. e-Books than larger videos.

    We're seeing great demand for 40MB + file sizes due to the proliferation of large HD videos.

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    The ultimate CRM / Autoresponder & Sales Automation System - The Online Coaches Dream Team

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    I sell some products using JVzoo they have a great delivery download system and its free :-)

    I also have a plr store where I handle the downloads using woocommerce :-)

    Both solutions work very well for me :-)

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    I am with Steve B on that recommendation for e-junkie. I do know they will secure your digital product for you until purchase. Beyond the buyer downloading you may have to look into a different solution for preventing piracy.
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