Weight Loss Niche - Go For It or Stay Away?

by Andyf
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I am still thinking of getting into the Weight Loss niche. Because it's so competitive and vast (as far as sub-niches under "Weight Loss"), I am looking at a few sub-niches to possibly focus on. Then, I'll go about building a list and so on.

Question is....

Is this niche too darn competitive...even if I pick some sub-niche? I am thinking that at first, not a whole lot will happen. But, if I try to build traffic and a quality list in a sub-niche, I might be able to make something happen.

Some of the "big guys" always say, "You don't need a giant list...just a quality list." Who knows...maybe over time I'd build a big quality list. But in the Weight Loss niche...I'm wondering if this is just too hard to do.

Obviously, this niche is a huge money maker...but is it too hard to break into?

Anyone out there doing real well but also had the same reservations when they first started in this niche?

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    I'm just about to launch a website in the weight loss niche. There's a good reason why its so vast, because the market is massive...I personally think that there is easily enough to go round...Do some keyword research and dig around for some longer tail phrases and target that...Also in my experience people are very prepared to spend large $ if they think it will help them lose weight...Just my 2cents anyway...Good luch
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    To reduce this debate down to binary terms, there are 2 types of Internet Marketers...

    Those that look for niches with little competition, for an easy dollar

    Those that dive head first into niches with competition and use quality to beat the others.

    Decide which one you are, and be honest with yourself! Because for those that arent scared of competition and are willing to work at becoming one of the market leaders, the rewards are huge. Weight loss is massive, you can earn insanely large amounts of money at the top, and a tidy income in the middle weight division if you just create quality content and get it in front of your target audience.

    best of luck
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    You can't be afraid of competition. Competition means there's money in the niche. Weight loss searchers have plenty of money to go around. You do have to know what you're doing though. So maybe study up well on SEO and get a good game plan on paper. Be sure and spy on your top competitors - see what they're doing, where they advertise, where they have backlinks - and mimic them, then take it a step further by doing something extra that (to your knowledge) they aren't doing yet (not an easy task, but it'll get you to the top if you can figure it out).
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    couldn't agree more Cren. go after the competition and do a couple of things better than they are and you're sure to take a piece of the pie... you may not take the whole pie, but there is only so much one person can achieve against a company of staff
    Words can't explain how excited I am with facebook advertising... I promise to share more in the new year! www.enicholas.com
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    Thanks for all of the input. It's exactly what I was hoping to hear. This is why the Gurus say the same thing..."go after niches that are known money makers"...or where there are a lot of people spending a lot of money all of the time.

    The hard part is actually pulling it off...but done right I guess it can happen.
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    Trying to get your own site ranked in the weight loss niche is next to impossible. Even if you target longtail keywords the competition is fierce. However, if you are willing to put in some time writing articles, or outsource an article marketing campaign using Ezinearticles can be very effective. Their page rank and trust with Google can get longtail keywords ranked pretty high right off the hop. Throw a few backlinks at each article and you'll be sitting pretty in the SERPs. Make sure to use your resource box to best advantage, and design your landing page well and you should be able to make sales.

    If you can throw up 3 or 4 articles a day for a couple of months you'll be making a nice income.
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    Go for it. Competition = money. Plain and simple.

    The only thing is that you need a solid sales funnel in place.

    It starts with a freebie, and from there, you convert to sales. Plus you have room for hundreds and hundreds of joint ventures.

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      I agree competition = money.

      Even better way to think about it is by looking at all the highly competetive markets out there and yet there's always room for more :-)

      Good Luck with it.

      Owner easiery.com

      Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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      You have to go with what works best for you.

      Early on and not knowing any better, I set up a webpage (yes, single page) in a highly competitive niche. Tried promoting it early on, but didn't make any money. I moved on the other things, but left the page up.

      So, pretty much doing nothing at all to promote it, I'd occasionally receive a check in the mail from the company I had signed up as an affiliate for.

      And, I made more money on that simple page in a competitive niche than I have in other smaller so-called easier niches where I spent more time and money and effort.

      Some people say it's better to be a big fish in a small pond, but it can sometimes be more worthwhile to be a small fish in a big pond if the eating's good.

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    I think that a lot of people, especially people who are quite new to affiliate marketing, get scared when they hear about the weight loss niche because it is so competitive. I still remember about a free course where the creator talked about the weight loss niche and almost 95% of the comments were like ,,Hell NO, It is too difficult to get in there." Well I think it is just a matter of tenacity (:
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    The thing is, I want to be able to get into some sub-niche of the Weight Loss niche where, over time, I can get a web site ranked on the first or second page of Google. This will no doubt take time...many months...many articles, etc... In that time I'd be building that list too.

    If you can never get your web site reasonably ranked, is it worth continuing? That's something I keep wondering about.

    But, I do see that there are a lot of people spending a lot of money this niche.
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    It should be VERY easy to find a profitable micro-niche
    in the Weight Loss market.

    In fact, maybe I'll put my money where my mouth is and
    show you...

    Shall I go away and make a quick keyword research video!

    Gulp...Why do I do this to myself?

    Let me know.


    Not promoting right now

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  • Profile picture of the author Andyf

    I think you're right...there are micro-niches where money can be made. I just want to get into one where I can eventually get my web site ranked reasonably high.
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    You have to have a solid product and marketing funnel to make it worth it when you compete in weight loss. If your profit margin isn't high enough, then I suggest you don't go for it.

    However, a lot of money can be made if all the elements are right.
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      Weight loss is a good niche because people will always struggle with their weight because of food temptations, portion control and lack of exercise. I think any niche you decide to go with, you should have an interest in because it will make it a lot easier to write articles and promote. Don't let your product choice be determined by the $$$. Let you interest or passion decide the product, do your research on the demand and quality of the product and the $$$ will come.

      Just my .02
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        It is your choice. There are many opportunities in this industry just like many others. If you want to go for it. If not drop it, there are many other good industries out there.

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    If you intend to promote it aggressively and if you start off with the low hanging fruit, then I say do it. Don't if you are not willing to get hundreds of links and keep adding pages for new keywords.

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    The weight loss niches will never die down in my opinion, that is until the giant food and restaurant companys stop putting out so much fatty food.
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