And i thought i was FUBAR

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I'm just looking at affiliate stuff on clickbank and came across this — How to build muscle, build muscle, muscle building workouts, burn fat, fat loss, fat loss workouts

bit of a shocker - maybe it will be fixed by the time you look but the graphic is XXXXL giagantic and there are script errors.

Damn i will email him .. nope his pages are down too.

Maybe he got drunk and did some web design.
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    • That was in CB marketplace , that's the official pitch page?

      If you look at the page carefully it has place holders everywhere for code he's obviously not inserted yet.

      I can not understand how that got past CB, they are pretty anal on pitch pages nowadays, they will let some god awful stuff be sold on CB in terms of the product but as far as the pitch pages go they are pretty stringent.

      Something is very untoward about this, doesn't make sense..

      My bet is somehow he uploaded an old version to his page after gettting accepted, there is no way in hell CB would have accepted that page, it doesn't even have CB's T&C or guranatee or infact a working payment link.
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