Anyone here doing (or already completed) this year's 30 Day Challenge?

by mbomb 6 replies
Just wondering what it was about (in a nutshell) and how you made out. Was it worthwhile for you? I just opened an email concerning it and was considering giving it a whirl. Care to comment? Thanks.

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    Hi Mike

    I am a newbie but have done lots of reading and research. I am doing the thirty day challenge - almost done - and in my opinion it is great. Loads of information and how to's. It certainly focused me as I can flit.

    The videos and pdfs are informative and I really found Market Samurai to be effective and full of additional options not just keyword research.

    It is based around setting up a blog - I am doing both the blog and working on existing web site.

    For a free course and for me as a newbie I can definitly recommend it.

    Kind Regards

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      Thanks Cath,

      Was the goal to make money with the site within the 30 days? Or was it more about the process and getting some initial visitors?

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        The goal was to make your first $1 on line.

        If you want a marketing plan for free (ish) this is for you.


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          I didn't do the 30DC but I did sign up out of interest.

          In anycase, I made 1 sale worth $30 during August so I guess that qualifies me as having met the challenge and succeeded.

          Now I just have to multiply that by 100 for September.
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            Congrats on your sale John....well done!
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              I started this challenge yesterday. Although a month late, I plan to do it in the next 30 days to simulate the live challenge. It really has a step by step learning approach which newbies like me really appreciate.

              Life is not a sprint, its a marathon. A bad start does not really matter too much

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