Budget to make a $1m earning App??

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I've just read this:

As of July 2013, it has been estimated that Candy Crush Saga has about 6.7 million active users and earns revenue of $633,000 per day

A day!!!

Now, honestly - candy crush isn't a "new" game. It's bejeweled with tweaks.

Why is it so popular? How did they do it?

Let's say for example you get a company to make you the game - it dosnt even need to be an original idea by the look of it.

What budget we talking to get a app to make $1m -- just a one-off mil

I've seen the company advertising their new pet game on tv - so what's that $100k?? What else is it going to cost?

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    they just added some cool features and made it look new although it`s something old. Kinda like some successful WSOs tbh
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    Well into the 6 - 7 figures, and even then there's no promise of success. Expect most to go on advertising. You have to remember also that the start-up space has a different mindset than say the mindset of the warrior forum. So the type of person who succeed in that space probably wasn't your average joe.

    Probably not the best place to ask either, why don't you try tweeting someone in the start-up space and ask a few cheeky questions? I'm sure if you contacted a few, someone would reply.
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    I don't have a twitter account. lol.

    It would be good to hear someone business plan for launching an app -- I'll proabbly have a search for that.

    Warrior forum is the only real "business" style forum I use - and I figured us guys tying to make a living online - can't be much different to those trying it in the app world.

    Same marketing - same trying to get downloads/hits, etc.

    Cheers for replies
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    Originally Posted by guest View Post

    I've just read this:

    As of July 2013, it has been estimated that Candy Crush Saga has about 6.7 million active users and earns revenue of $633,000 per day

    A day!!!
    Please cite your sources...
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    There is nothing new under the sun really...the method to success is always the same - find something sells well, then make it better or add a slight twist to it.

    These days, one of the quickest ways to get a similar app out there is to buy source code and then reskin it. For example, you can get Bejeweled / candy crush style source code here -

    Candy Crush Source Code - Viva Stampede Match 3 Game

    And then you can reskin it, pick a new theme then release it with your own ads and everything.
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    i played it and they have some great marketing in place.

    1. They let you play a lot of levels BUT once you get to a certain level (I think in the 30s), you can either play the hardest level there is and get a certain score to advance OR you can just pay a $1 or two and get instant access.

    2. There are levels that are hard and will take multiple times to beat. You'll be THIS CLOSE to winning and then lose. They'll have a popup that says you can continue playing for $1.

    3. The game is a lot easier if you have these special tools which can slowly be earned through gameplay or you can just buy them for a few bucks.

    4. When you run out of lives, they hit you with countdown timer that tells you that you have up to 20 minutes before you get another life. Just one though. Instead of waiting, you can pay for them.

    5. To get extra chances to play, there's also a choice to share the game with a friend via Facebook and Twitter. If they download the app, you get another go around. THis makes the game go viral because people are sharing it all day trying to get extra lives.

    6. They're using CPA networks to get new players. and they're paying pretty good. So that leaves me to believe they aren't paying for all the ads around the internet...

    There are some more tactics they used but as a marketer, those are the methods I noticed while playing...
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      I recently read about a non gaming app that is scheduled to pop the million turnover mark early 2K14 and the creator said he had invested about 50K into it. Not bad but I also think he wasn't being entirely truthful and it probably cost him even more.

      You really have to be spitting lots of these apps out frequently in order to find a good one that crushes it [pun intended].

      Its like anything really.
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        I play it is fun and so tempted to buy the boosts for this level.
        I do graphics and am thinking I need to build an app
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    They took a proven model and improved on it.
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    The viral growth (growth hacking) was made very awesome.

    I think, they got a really good growth hacker team.
    More about Growth-Hacking: The 5 Phases of Growth Hacking

    I think, its also a bit of luck that this app for example got so viral. Normally, other apps are even better (better strategy better market better everything) but just cant get as viral as this app.

    There isn't a budget.

    Angry birds came after many years of error and try. You cant just invest like 50000$ and be sure it will be a hit.

    Just my two cents
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    It´s always baffled me how those simple little games have developed into those big money-making-machines they are right now.

    There always seems to be one thing in common - investors. And not just average ones but investors with deep pockets willing to spend enough on advertising to push an idea to the masses.

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