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I suspect this will mostly take time, but I have noticed since launching my site that I can get a fair amount of readers (about 2000 uniques the first two weeks with limited advertising only one forum + reddit) but getting the readers to become regulars seems like it is a problem. Now, these are real readers; most of these referrals read the article till the end (judging by time on the site) and the average page views from almost all sources is much closer to 2.00 than 1.00. Traffic I get from a niche forum stays on the site for around 4-5 minutes often times. Still, I feel like if I do not actively post on reddit/etc. 90% of the readers do not come back (despite the site being updated daily if not 2x a day). Any thoughts?
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      It's a dating/ mens lifestyle site.. link is in sig. The content is mostly similar content. Many navigate a lot of the site (some read 10+articles) but it seems they are not sticking yet.
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    Nice looking site but it took me a while to discover what the site topic actually was.
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      Thanks for the comments. Interestingly, I thought the articles were actually quite short relative to most content (650 words average probably) but I will look into how to make them look less like a 'wall of text'
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