Where can I do ad swaps for forex niche ?

by flovin
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Hi, I would like to start doing ad swaps to build up my list in the forex niche.

Where can I do that ?
Where can I find similar like-minded marketeers ?
Is safe-swap a good place to do this for forex niche ?
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    Safe -swaps is a great place to start know they are people on there in your niche as asked question before and had positive feedback it cost $30 a month but in my opinion well worth it as some huge list on there and great priced solos or swaps

    also try searching big G for blogs related to your niche and comment on their site (genuinely not in a spam type way and build backlinks to your site as most ask for website when you submit a comment,

    also try searching Google for forums to join in your area of interest and build links through your signature file , note some forums have some conditions so always check it many be a limit of post before signature is shown or something but if you are consistent and add value it works wonders 10 links a day soon adds up hoe this help you out
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