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I want to get a good tracking tool, lots of people talk about Ad Trackz Gold but I hear also a lot about other good trackers....
My question is the following:
Let's say I have one squeeze page with one webform (from getresponse) behind.
I promote this page on 5 different sources (like FB, blogs, Ads and so on....). I understand that I can create a tracking link for every site so in the end I can see how many visitors I got from each source....
BUT, can I also track somehow how many opt-ins I got from each source (with one single squeeze page) and sales on the OTO?
Or do I need several webforms in this case? then I wouls also not need the tracking because I have to created several squeezepages with webforms and wouls know which page relates to which resource....
I would actually expect a good tracking software to be able to track all those things, but just want to be sure that this is working and someone can confirm....

thanks a lot for your help
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    a very good question and think Hypertracker has the ability to do that they have just upgraded and seen a few videos of top marketers using this software to great effect

    I don't have an account but it states on website "Track how many sales, clicks or actions were generated by each one"

    the only other way i know is as you said to redirect optins to different pages which is not idea I have got a good video somewhere on hypertracker will try to locate on hard drive if interested hope this helps

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    That can be done with AdTrackz Gold.

    You simply create a different tracking link for each different traffic source. You can then set goals such as optin or sale and place code on those pages. Then when someone enters their email and lans on the thankyou page, that goal will be recognized. Same if someone buys and lands on your download page. So you can then see which traffic sources resulted in which goals.
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    thanks a lot for your feedback guys, I will definitely check out adtrackz gold
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