How to Stop Putting All Your Eggs in 1 Basket?

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I'm currently making a full-time living from Amazon's Associates Program, but I really think that it's time I diversified for two reasons:

1. I'm fed of being stressed out over whether Google's algorithms will hit my sites or not. Or in other words, I want to stop putting all my eggs in one basket.

2. I think I can make more money doing something else that is less time consuming.

I'm not really sure which road I should go down next. I definitely don't want to go into product creation - not at this moment in time anyway. Clickbank has also never interested me.

This pretty much leaves affiliate marketing (excluding Amazon and Clickbank) or CPA. I love the idea of how Google won't affect my sites if I do something like PoF or Facebook ads, and not having to spend hours each day writing content, although I'm not too crazy about losing a couple of months and a few thousand dollars in testing until I find something that works.

My issue is that I've never had any experience driving traffic without Google. I mean, literally none, and don't even know where to start.

Before you say it, my Amazon sites can't be promoted in any other way, as they are all focused on buyer's keywords, such as Product + Review. Traffic from Google really does convert very well with these sites.

Some of my skills include, designing attractive looking websites (by no means to a professional standard), ranking sites on Google (fed up of Google and SEO in general though), and writing content that converts.
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    Well, I had the exact problem as you.

    I had some Sites in one area, but it got "flagged" by google - algorithm change, and I litterary lost all my money over night.

    What I do now is following:

    1. I do Google pages (SEO) as you do
    2. What I can recommend you is to focus on the Youtube Cpa /Content locking niche

    This niche is pretty good and you will see results in about 7 days if you make it right

    3. Email marketing!!!! Collect emails on every page, try to get a list. This nearly is for ever and nothing can affect this.
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    Anyone else?
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    @dreamtoreality - When you're relying on 'Google' or any other search engine for that matter to keep ranking your sites in order to make a living, you will ALWAYS have an inner fear or dread of that coming to an end (and it most likely will since the algorithms are constantly changing).

    What you need to do is take charge of your own future by building up assets in things you control and can leverage so you aren't worrying all of the time.

    I guarantee the vast majority that make a living around SEO of their websites are panicking about what Google is going to do next because they know when their is a major algorithm change they could get practically wiped out.

    For a site to be sustainable outside of organic search engine traffic you need to diversify your traffic so it's not so reliant on what the search engines are deciding they will do that day/week/month.

    I have seen major players in the industry get out of SEO derived income for their sites and switch to paid advertising.

    You should also build lists in all markets you are in that lend themselves to this. If you don't you are leaving a lot of money on the table and also denying yourself additional income stability 'to boot'.

    Look to enter markets where you can promote/create products and services that lend themselves to building an audience.
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      Maybe you could sell a product already made by another company that is relevant to your niche. You could contact the manufacturers and see if they would be interested in allowing you to sell their product. You would have to raise the price a little, and have them ship it on your behalf. Maybe you could post a question in the dropshipping forum because those people could certainly help you.

      China Newz

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    Yep, you can't enjoy a secure Internet income while you're in the clutches of heavy-handed, double-standards, lying Google.

    I don't even bother trying to please Google anymore. People pretend they understand the secret-sauce ranking algorithm, but only the engineers at Google really do. You can see the confounding variables and terrible statistical analysis rolling off the pages of those who use a lot of digital ink writing about SEO and such.

    I focus my efforts on free referral traffic. I'll probably even put in a robots.txt exclusion for Google eventually. I know a number of successful webmasters who have done this, and the weird thing is that a couple of them got emails from Google pointing out the "error" (not through Webmaster Tools -- through the domain contact email in the WHOIS database).
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    Never rely just on google, we learnt that from John chow who got penalized by Google. Try using other techniques to make money like some good backlinks or CPA

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