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Hey there so I want to create a membership sitenbut dontnhave any idea what to offer on it?
Do you have any ideas? Any help please if possible?
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    What are you passionate about and what do you have a good knowledge in already? Start by asking yourself this and I'm sure you will come up with lots of ideas for one. Once you have an idea, you will then have to do some market research to see if the niche you have chosen is in demand and isn't too oversaturated.
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    You should come up with a business idea first - then decide if it "needs" a membership site.

    Not the other way around.
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      Alex is spot on - to give yourself the very best chance of success you simply must make your niche closely related to something you love, or something you have a high level of knowledge and expertise in (no need to be a super guru, you just need to know more than most). This way you will be able to tap a much greater amount of inner motivation to succeed.

      Start by writing an exhaustive list of everything you're passionate about or have expertise in (your shortlist of possible niches) and then search the net for any membership type websites in those niches. You'll start to get a feel for what niches are likely to be more successful than others by reviewing and assessing the membership sites you find. If you need any more assistance with this just post here or send me a PM, happy to help.

      A "membership site" is simply a recurring income type of business model so I'm not entirely convinced that it's a bad thing to plan for this initially. I've successfully started one bricks and mortar company, one purely online business, and one hybrid of the two, and all have used recurring income (I consider it the holy grail of business models) which was how I planned it from the beginning. I simply took the things I was passionate about or had expertise in and blended it with an effective business model while I did my research and built the foundation of the business's in the early stages.
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        Basing your niche on something you love,
        isn't always the best approach.

        For example if you love "navel gazing" that may be cool
        for you.

        But maybe not many other people do.

        And apart from an ebook and a video course there many not be
        many options for constantly adding new content to keep your
        members subscribed.

        I typically start with "Market Demand"

        Find a group of people with a need/problem,

        Spend a lot time researching their demographic profile e.g.
        Average age,
        Household Income,
        Have/have not kids

        Spend time learning their style of communication.
        What words are common for their niche,
        What slang words are popular.

        When you learn a market on this level you know their needs,
        desires, wants, dreams, pains ETC.

        You empathize with them.

        So you message-to-market communication
        resonates deeply with them.

        You produce solid value for them and you will be
        rewarded for your efforts.
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      You should come up with a business idea first - then decide if it "needs" a membership site.

      Not the other way around.
      This is what I was just about to say. You need to pick something that there's a good market for that you also enjoy, and only then can you look and see if a membership site would be in demand or work for that niche.
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    You should ask Dennisknows too as that is his specialty, membership sites. I'm sure he'd have great advice. *Maybe he'll see this thread...
    Domains for sale - see seopositions.net
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    I want to open a shop on my local high street.

    Any ideas?

    Honestly, no wonder there are so many failures in the IM arena, when so many people cannot even get the core basics right.

    I don't intend to bash you or your thread, but the stupidity of your question is mind boggling. Sorry.
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      Starting with a membership site might be fine but identifying customer demand and how you can fill that is much more important.

      As our friends above have pointed out, you need to find a cross-over spot where your interests/expertise/skills meet commercial demand from real customers.

      In other words, what do you like and know enough about (or can find enough valuable material about) that people will pay you for access?

      Answering that question may or may not lead you to a membership site, but that's where I would start.

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    If this is your first foray into the IM world - why not try something a bit less daunting than opening and running a successful membership site? You can get in the product creation niche without having to do a full scale member site and learn more than you could imagine.

    Or maybe setup a member site on setting up member sites? Would be easy to generate content...
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    What ever your passion is. This will keep you motivated.
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      Originally Posted by koppster View Post

      What ever your passion is. This will keep you motivated.
      Yeah but you could make a member site around your main passion - toothpicks, you may have a huge passion for toothpicks and all things toothpicks, but will you make money with a member site on toothpicks?
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