Ideas to improve conversion rate of this landing page?

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I've been struggling to improve the conversion rate of this landing page:

Sample Landing Page | Rapid Spanish

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I would remove the bannar, it makes the page looks a little bit spammy, and pushes the title headline down- which has been proved to work better when it is at the top of the page.
    I Have to say a Massive...THANK YOU to every Warrior who has helped me, and thanks to every warrior who helps me in the future...
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    Hi - just some quick impressions that struck me on viewing the site:

    1. The blog title bar is a bit dull - does it need to be there at all? - maybe just brighten it.

    2. The banner ad duplicates your first heading and is a bit distracting - maybe worth trying a vertical banner?

    3. Some areas of text look a bit dull - maybe worth trying to but in some subheadings/bullet points in bold, and maybe your main titles could be coloured.

    If you can, try split-testing some changes; Google has a free tool for setting this up,

    best wishes,

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    Yah, I've been using Google Website Optimizer and have doubled the hop through rate from like 15% to 30%.

    Right now I'm experimenting with switching the blog name on/off, and the banner on/off. This is just one version, which believe it or not is performing best right now.

    Those two elements aside, any other suggestions?

    Is the copy OK? Images? Format? I'm struggling to move this over 50% if possible...
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    I think you should highlight key points in your copy that you want people to notice immediately..
    Like the part where you said this came reccomended to you from a Spanish Professor. That to me seems like something you should harp on a little bit.

    Thats just one part that caught my attention. If i was looking to learn spanish i would definately buy something that came reccomended by someone who actually teaches it for a living.

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      I have a few suggestions that I hope will help.
      I agree with the others with regards to the headers. You would be better off without them. That area is your most valuable real estate on that page. At least, get rid of the first one.

      If you leave the second banner, change your copy. Your copy should be changed anyway.) You start off with "If you've come by my blog before...." Well, no disrespect, but who are you? Why would you think I've come by your blog? What do I, as a first time visitor, get from those words? Nothing... Click and I'm gone..I'm not interested in you or your blog. I came here because I thought it had to do with learning Spanish. (I'm saying this as a first time visitor, not trying to be mean or cut your page down)

      Hope you see what I mean. You need to blast the good benefits up there that I am going to get by buying the product or reading your page. You have a big whopping 10-15 seconds to keep me from clicking off your page.

      I understand that you are trying to use the "tell a story" type page. This works great for things like relationships or being fat etc. But I don't think it would work well for this. People already know they want to learn Spanish. They don't need any help in making their minds up. They are more interested in the best, easiest, and cheapest ways they can accomplish it. Again, you can reinforce this by first telling them the benefits they will receive. Then follow up with using the features to show them how they will get their benefits.

      Think about your target audience. Who is most likely interested in learning Spanish and why?

      Employment opportunities - Probably number one reason, followed by travel.
      Both State and Federal government have tons of jobs waiting for people who can speak Spanish. Schools and educational institutions need them too. I bet there are thousands of out of work people who might not realize they have a skill that is in BIG DEMAND (hint..hint)

      Travel - Well, I might be wrong but I read somewhere that there are actually more people who speak Spanish than English. It would come in handy for those who travel on business or just for pleasure.

      Your blog page looks nice and you did a great job on it. I can see you put a lot of work into it. And that is where that page belongs. On your blog or even Squidoo. But not on a landing page or sales page. At least not for this type product, IMHO.

      I hope this helps,

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    Thanks for your detailed reply. This is just the kick I needed. I swear sometimes you can be staring at a page so long you just can't see it objectively any more.

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  • Hi Comenius,

    I'm a landing page designer too. For future design inspiration I suggest going to twitter @landinpagedzner. lots of samples and critiques of different landing page designs there
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    it shows me a 404 error
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    I've been checking out I am a Landing Page Designer for the past half an hour or so and have to say it's just fascinating. Designing landing pages that convert is one area that I'm still working to improve, and so it's just great to see so many examples with your comments.

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