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Grateful for any feedback on how to distribute videos to multiple video hosting sites. Any pointers as to products and costs very welcome. Thanks.
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    yada yada

    remember, google is your best friend
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    checkout "heyspread" (cant post the actual url), but they are awesome and very, very reasonable.
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    Here are some of the resources for video distribution that I have come across in my research:

    You can distribute your video to 20+ video sharing sites for free with a
    service called TubeMogul.

    Traffic Geyser and Video Post Robot. These tools allow you to automate your video submissions, which can be a huge time savings.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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    I agree with airbusbarkley above. If you have no money, use TubeMogul. If you've got money to spare, go for Traffic Geyser (it converts your video into multiple formats so you get more bang for your buck).
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    Traffic Geyser gets my vote. It's well worth the price.
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    Traffic Geyser stands alone and no one can touch it.
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    One thing people never think of. Submitting your videos as if they cost money to torrent sites like thepiratebay etc.

    You will get a ton of downloaders very fast
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