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Hi all,

As previously mentioned I am launching a new premium/high class SEO business for some of the major cities in australia.

I was considering advertising in a marketing magazine but figured there would be better ways to spend $5000 on advertising. What would YOU do if this was your startup? FB PPC? Google PPC? Solo ads?

The more specific, the better but any response at all is always appreciated.

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    SEO is no easy business, you have to constantly adapt. That's also my business, and I adjustable methods for my affiliate sites (I've built more than 300 now...)

    I recommend you don't invest your entire sum in one method, but diversify your portfolio...

    Hope it makes sense, although cannot recommend one method or the other. All methods work if you know how to make them work. Just track your campaign properly, and tell us your results.
    You won't believe it!
    This NICHE made me $300,000...
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    recruit affiliates through share a sale ..let them do the advertising for you.
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      Make sure that if you spend any amount of money you hire someone that can get you set up correctly if you don't know how yourself. and Spend the remaining on traffic.

      Example: $5,000

      $1,000 having someone (An Expert) set up and test a profitable lead gen system in place or Sale.

      $4,000 In traffic and analyzing data that in coming In.

      -Lunar Ninja

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        I guess I'm a contrarian here - I wouldn't invest a dime in advertising at this point in time. You say you are new to the niche and just launching your business.

        I would suggest developing a strategy that allows you to make personal contact with companies that will be your perfect market customers. See if you can establish some relationships and make some friends with the types of prospects that you can best serve with your business.

        I would target a specific segment (maybe local businesses in a geographic area), or maybe one type of business (like lawyers, doctors, etc) and see if you can make some friends and get some paying clients (even at a reduced rate since you are a newcomer). The idea is to get some clients, credentials, and testimonials under your belt so that when you do advertise you've got some ammunition.

        I'm assuming you're targeting businesses rather than individuals for your SEO service. I can tell you that business people want to do business with other professionals that they like and trust. Broadcast advertising, especially for a new business, doesn't convey trust or establish a relationship. I think it might just be a big waste of time and money at first.

        I would go for the personal contact at least until you have some happy clients that can then tell your story for you.

        The very best to you in this new venture.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Well, I would buy traffic if I had 5000$ to invest in "internet marketing".
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    Try Adwords first and see if they don't ban you. If they don't, that's probably your best bet. Start creating 5-6 ads and try them out. Start with $30 a day on each and then continue to test until you find your sweet spot.

    Then it's just a matter of scaling up. You have 5 grand to spend and if you have a merchant account and get paid straight away, there's just no limit to what you can do here.


    - Test
    - Tweak
    - Test
    - Tweak
    - Scale
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    You can invest a litle budget on media buying to test.
    Or create a mediatic buzz around press release.PRWEB is a good weapon for that.
    Start an affiliate program and start recruit affiliates to send you targeted traffic.
    Remember: The key of success is test,testand test

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