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Can anyone tell me who you consider to have the best Amazon marketing course? and how I can find it, of course.
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    There have been a number of video-series and pdf's available in the War Room. Look for threads that have been active in the past couple of months.

    Honestly, getting traffic to your site (with a low bounce rate) is the most difficult part. Monetizing with Amazon is actually pretty easy. A decent place to start is to test the waters on HubPages and Squidoo and see what works and what doesn't. It is more difficult these days to rank pages quickly, due to all the recent changes with Google against spam. In the past you could simply create a few pages, do an original write up about the product, possibly include a review, and you would often start getting traffic and sales within just a couple weeks. That isn't the case so much now, so some of what you read may be based on the older realities.

    Times are a changin'

    We're still trying to figure out what works.
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    Got one a while back called I think, the Amazon Affiliate Bible - was well worth the money!
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    There are several on the market, but most give the same kind of strategy just with a different spin. Here is an article that breaks down the basic strategy for marketing on Amazon:

    How to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing Successfully: 5 Steps
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      I think that article does capture the essence of it.

      The key is picking a great product with lots of raving reviews (but not tooooo much competition), add quality content and good info etc.

      And of course, create a great WP blog with lots of related products and lots of quality articles.

      Remember that the key is to get people to go to the Amazon website from one of your links - then whatever they buy within the following 24 hours will earn you commissions ;-)

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