What's the best SMTP service? In your opinion?

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I'm looking for an SMTP service that will integrate well with ArpReach.

I really like Amazon SES, but their sending limits are just too small. My list is around 25k. So affordability is a really big concern for me. I've loved ArpCloud hosting.

Never tried:

Constant Contact

or any of the others. What are your thoughts?
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    SendGrid or Mandrill.
    Not Amazon SES. Too many blacklisted IPs. Cheap services = used by spammers.
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    Originally Posted by Brendan Mace View Post

    I'm looking for an SMTP service...
    Constant Contact - Not an SMTP mailer, this is like Get Response, Aweber, icontact etc.

    Imnica - Never used

    Sendgrid - This is an SMTP mailer, I like them a lot. Get about 85+% deliverability which is pretty nice for an SMTP.

    Smtp.com -Never used but heard decent things about.

    Amazon SES - Didn't like them, they got super upset at my spam rates, send amounts, content etc. they complained about everything at one point or another. Also cut me off with almost no notice.

    Mandrill - Kind of like SMTP MailChimp, they aren't as strict but they do have some things they are still uppity about, ie rate limiting and such.

    Honestly, if your list is only 25k I would just stick with a 3rd party like Constant Contact, Get Response, Vertical Response etc. SMTP isn't that cheap if you are mailing out regularly. If you are mailing out just like 1-3 times a month or something then yes it is but you also need to figure in your loss of deliverability. You got to ask yourself is saving like $30 a month or so in mailing costs really worth it at the list size you are at?
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