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by sscot
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What are the most essential considerations you follow when it's writing a product review?
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    I would only consider writing one, if the product is really good and I enjoy it. That's all I can say. I wouldn't consider writing one if its bad or a negative review.
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    I think if I was offered a review copy I would tell the person what went well / what didn't to improve on the quality of the product.

    But yes, I think it will only be to my best interest that I only promote stuff that I am comfortable of promoting.
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    Writing them - only if they're good, and if they're useful. I they're complete crap, I wouldn't associate my name with it.
    It also needs to be something a little different too. If it's the same rehashed crap, even if it works, unless there's something unusual about it, it aint gonna cut it. I do go in with an open mind though, with the hope that I will learn a new or slightly different approach. If that happens, I say so, and that usually means it's pretty good. So obviously with this, I'd need a review copy...

    Reading them - needs to be clear that the writer of the review has actually used the product, and knows more than how to spout the sales page. The review has to have substance, and go into detail, or be someone's description and opinion who would gain nothing from writing it (probably not the answer you're looking for!).

    Martin Platt

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    Writing a product review associates you with the product. So, I wouldn't do it if I myself don't like the product.
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    it is all about using the "Words" which are the people or costumers will look for ... !
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    Originally Posted by sscot View Post

    What are the most essential considerations you follow when it's writing a product review?
    Originally Posted by sscot View Post

    What are the most essential considerations you follow when it's writing a product review?
    Here are the points you should consider when writing a product review:

    Honesty is the best policy

    To sound honest you need to be honest. Make sure you test the product before you write a review, be frank and objective.

    Make your review interesting to read

    Avoid dull and boring facts - they are not going to help in creating great reviews. Sound humorous or interesting. Try to make up catchy headlines and use strong action-oriented verbs.

    Write a review readers will get great value from

    Adding a couple of technical details will hardly convince your readers to buy the reviewed product. Add as much info as possible, describe what makes this product special and why should the reader buy it.

    And! Don't forget who your readers are. Just write for their sake and to inform them of the features and benefits of the reviewed product.
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    Don't just talk about positives or negatives... give both. Appear unbiased.

    By admitting some flaws, your credibility goes up immediately. Everyone knows that there's no such thing as the perfect product. Heck, look at Apple's recent fiascoes.

    But most products have a bunch of good and bad... so list out both.

    I think of product reviews as having a scale. On one side, I want the positives to outweigh the negatives... but there are still a few negatives.

    Just be honest, and don't hype it up. Give the positives and list some negatives... you'll seen much more credible.
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    I will not write without using it personally. To tell the truth, I am little biased to write the positive aspects. If I see there are too many negative aspects, I will consider not to write the review.

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    Originally Posted by sscot View Post

    What are the most essential considerations you follow when it's writing a product review?
    You should outline both the positives and the negatives so many people write Product reviews and leave out the negatives that it looks obvious that they are just blatantly promoting the product. When you line up the negatives find a way to make them minimal or turn them into a positive. i.e. xxxx video course is really long but its well worth it because it teaches you everything you need to know about internet marketing.
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