how to advertise services for business owners?

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does anyone know how to market services to business owners?
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    Phone then up, visit them, SEM and other advertising.
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      Could you be a bit more specific? What sort of services are you offering? What type of business owner are you going for?

      To be successful, you'll need to get a crystal clear picture of who exactly it is that you're trying to sell to. You can then work out where they 'hang out' (whether it be online in groups on LinkedIn, or at local networking events) - it'll vary greatly depending on the nature of their business. This type of focus will help you to stop wasting time and hone in on your target market as effectively as possible. Otherwise, it's just a stab in the dark.

      Narrowing it down will also help you to craft your sales message. Generic copy isn't likely to do much, but if you can create copy that feels like it's written for that EXACT person, you'll get much better results. You can expose their problems, hit their soft spots, etc.

      Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by MartinPlatt View Post

      Phone then up, visit them, SEM and other advertising.
      Cold call them, mail them out some pamphlets, knock on doors, send them a video you made for them via email then hit em up with a phone call or email followup, sign up for local meetups in your area where potential business owners will be, etc.
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    You can also use telemarketing services of Yellowpages to advertise your business. They can provide good business.
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