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Hi guys,

I have been putting together my first info product and need to work out which platform I should use.

I am new to internet marketing so I have been considering using clickbank powered as:

-it looks really user friendly
-it includes access to clickbank affiliates (I have no database so besides affiliates will be driving ads through paid ads eg Facebook initially)
-no clickbank product approval charges when you use the platform (saves ~$50)
-there seems to be plenty of support in setting up and tweaking my sales funnel

The2 major negatives that I can see with this option include:

-High cost (almost $50/month to host)
-there are limited autoresponder capabilities in the platform and I don't know if you can tweak it to use aweber

The other option I am looking at is using Optimizepress+Ejunkie.

POsitives I see:

-cheaper running costs
-can integrate aweber and better email marketing
-it will probably be more flexible later on


-more work to set everything up, not sure how much it will cost to outsource yet either
-as a newbie I don't wan't to make my sales funnel to messy

At this stage I have a lead capture product and almost finished my e-book (which I will be adding audio too). I will then be looking at creating a backend product or selling affiliate products to the database.

If anyone has experience with both platforms it would be great to hear from you, otherwise advice for my first time launch will be greatly appreciated.




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    There are lots of platforms which you could use. Which one you choose depends a lot on your niche. I build and host most of my own sites. If it's a niche site I will use ClickBank to sell the product as they have a large affiliate base (even in weird little niches).

    However if your product is in the IM niche you might want to look a JVzoo, they give you the option to build a sales page and host it with them (no additional cost). You pay a commission per sale, so no upfront costs.
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    I agree with Sunil. I wouldn't recommend ClickBank Powered. I recommend DIY or outsource someone to DIY. If you're serious you want full and complete control over your business and your website.
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      Hi Rick, there's a little confusion in this thread (and potential for more), because "ClickBank Powered" is a very new thing, and some of the responses above haven't quite realised what it refers to.

      (I'm not even a vendor, myself, but anyway I agree with Miles and Sunil above, both of whom are experts on this subject).
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        thanks guys- much appreciated
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    If you (or any other reader) is not sure of the difference between clickbank powered and clickbank DIY, then there is an explanation here: eBook & Internet Publishing News┬╗Blog Archive ┬╗ Changes at ClickBank - ClickBank Powered & Audience Builder
    ClickBank Vendor?
    - Protect Your Thank You Pages & Downloads
    - Give Your Affiliates Multiple Landing Pages (Video Demo)
    - Killer Graphics for Your Site
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  • I tried both the clickbank one was to ridged for me so I'm staying with optimize press and updated to version 2 which is a new learning curve but i'm starting to like it.

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    Personally I use Optimize Press with Infusionsoft ... the only downside to what I do is you need to have your own JVs and Affiliates.
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