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Hi guys i am bit of a "noob" when it comes to affiliate marketing so please hear me out and hopefully someone can give me some advice.

Here is what i am trying to do :-

I own an established Mobile Phone and Electronic repair business based in the UK and have recently being toying with an idea. I have installed an Affiliate program on my website and am offering £10 per referral on successful orders with a 90 day cookie.

Thats the easy part

Now where do i go to get people to become affiliates as when i type into google affiliate marketing etc etc it brings up shed loads of results of the opposite of what i want.

Does anyone know the best companies out there that i can become a partner with ?

In the right hands offering £10 per referral, i think will make myself and someone a SHED LOAD OF CASH as it is only £20 profit so 50/50

Many Thanks in advance
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    I assume it is a local business (or for the entire UK?), then you really want to get in touch with the people whose websites are getting a lot of local traffic in your area.
    Alternatively you could find some people who will want to earn money by being your affiliate specifically and create a new site and do seo for that.
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      I don't know the UK market, but in the US, I'd approach the independent vendors - the ones who handle multiple mobile services.
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    Doing Referral is also but I think you need to setup your Business in Google UK Market. You can do SEO or hire someone to do SEO for the money making keywords which bring clients to you.
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