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Need some advice from fellow Warriors,

I have built a blog based on personal experiences to the self improvement crowd. Email list is up to about 1,000. It has a Facebook Fan page with a little over 11,000 likes. For the blog, it is up to a PR3 and Alexa >400,000. I am getting between 50-100 visitors a day.

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Just don't know where to take it to start making some real money off of it. I have sold some books and eBooks, but for the most part, the list members just don't respond to offers.

I usually email a link to a blog post with some sort of offer weekly or biweekly to the list members. Should I hit them more ofter daily with more affiliate offers related to self improvement?

In general, do self improvement niches buy? For monetization, would it be better to go into another niche where they have a definite burning need?

Thanks for any advice,

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