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Hello ,

I've opened an ad center ( Bing ads ) account and it's ready to start a campaign
But as a newbie , I have to try and try and try to reach the best way and scale it .
The problem is as you know that i can't put for example clickbank page or CPA landing page , or i will get my account suspended .

So , my question ,
Should i purchase a new domain for every niche i want to to try in a campaign?

Can i Use free domain just to try at first like .Tk or to try and then purchase .com domain or it may lead for closing my ads account ?

if there is a code or redirect way ? Anything to overcome this problem ??

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you in advance and really waiting you help .
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    I would personally get domain for each niche, use wordpress and instabuilder or similar and then this allows you to setup multiple LP for more products in same niche.

    Also if you are new id stick to one niche for now and master the ads for that rarther than throwing up ads in all different niches right away

    Get one ad up and running and getting results and then move on to another or scale that on up more
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    Are you sure we can't use Clickbank link as a direct link?

    I've seen heaps of ads including my own do this and haven't got suspended yet.

    Am I just lucky? Or have their terms changed?
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    My suggestion is to take your time and build a website/blog or at least a squeeze page to capture leads. PPC is expensive and why would you want to just direct link when you can build a relationship with your customers, sell them other products, and ultimately sell them your own product down the road.

    Some might say that direct linking works but from my personal experience I've learned that there are no short cuts, at least not in this manner. Take your time to know the right process, build your list, get better at your own skills and gradually make money with your list. It sounds simple but that's what has worked for me. All the best.
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    While direct linking will always seem like an attractive option (and from looking at past threads on here I think it is still allowed), you are almost always better off purchasing your own domain.

    With your own domain you can do list building, better tracking, preselling of the offer and if BingAds decides to ban the use of direct linking in the future you are covered. I think you should always try to think long-term.
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    I have quite a few CB products and still see affiliates direct linking to my sales pages.
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