Could somebody help me tweak a WP theme w/o breaking my bank?

by marxwarfor 9 replies
Hi Guys,

Coming from a completely technically challenged person, I'm in desperate need of help regarding making some modifications to my WordPress theme before I upload it.

Things such as having an 'nice-looking opt-in form' on the side, (I would give you a link to show you an example), altering the colour of the background (also could provide you an example), and if possible, have my links illuminate when scrolling over them, so my customers know that they have hit the right button/link.

I don't have a lot of money and if what I'm asking warrants a high price, then I respect that and I guess I'll just have to make do

...but, I would just love to hear if it's possible for a reasonable price?.

Please let me know your thoughts and thanks so much for at least clicking on my post to begin with.

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