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Hey how's it going y'all! I came across this forum while I was doing a search about eJunkie. I like that I've found a place where people discuss IM like this.

I've decided to take the plunge into self-employment in May of 2012, which is when I quit my job as a well-paid engineer. It's been a year and a half almost now, and I love it!

I left with a plan such that I could still afford to pay my mortgage and all other bills through renting my spare bedrooms to my friends and playing weekend gigs with my band. However, I knew I couldn't just do that forever, so I figured that I'd spend my free time during the days learning about how to start my own internet business.

In order to learn, I bought a product, which I'm sure many of you have heard about - "Getting Rich With eBooks" (this is not a sales attempt, and I'm not an affiliate of them). It was an expensive program, but I knew that I wanted to make a living through writing somehow whether it be freelance writing, blogging or something similar. His catchy marketing video was good enough to convince this newly-self employed guy to take out his wallet and fork over $497.

I knew that if I was going to spend that kind of money, then I would undoubtedly be committed to at least try it. Well, it resulted in me creating my own website, writing 2 full eBooks and 1 very short eBook which I offer for free for the purpose of building a mailing list. Those were all of the things that the course taught me to do. Since I initially built my website, I have also written a good deal of free content through about 30 or more blog posts and some videos.

It may appear that I was very productive since buying the eBooks course, but honestly I wasn't very productive at all! In fact, once the books were completed and I had a bunch of content for my website and also had my books listed on Amazon; I pretty much just let everything sit there with absolutely no drive to actually want to make SALES. I knew that people weren't just going to magically find my site, and then I'd suddenly start making tons of money. But I just had no drive to really want to market my website. In the beginning, I forced myself to do some self-promoting because that's what the course said that I should do, and I even sold a few books here and there. But I really had no drive or passion to REALLY put in the required effort to actually get my name out there.

Well, fast forward about a year later to today. I don't know what exactly it is, but I have been DETERMINED to figure out a way to earn $1500 per month in passive income. That's the amount I receive each month from my roommates' rent payments, but I want to eventually get to the point where I can live alone again. Therefore I want to be able to make $1500/month through other means (and I'm not going to get a job either ).

I now have the DRIVE that I know is necessary to succeed. Since I've gotten this amazing boost of motivation, which happened about 2 months ago, I've already created 2 more eBooks. I am going to create a third one this week as well. My plan was not just to write 3 more eBooks just so I would have three more products to sell. Rather, I had an idea for a nice little "package deal" where someone could buy either just one of my eBooks for a set price or buy the entire package of all 5 of them. All of them are related to one another, so a "package" of all 5 is actually a nice little "product" that I have that is even better than just a single eBook.

Anyway, as soon as this final eBook is done, my "product" which is a 5 eBook package will be complete. Thank god, because writing the actual content, then editing it over and over by myself is quite a tedious process. However, I'm almost finished finally, and I'm actually really looking forward to the whole other side of the IM process which is actually attempting to make sales.

My plan is as follows:

- Install a shopping cart into my website so I can have all 5 of my books available as well as the whole package of 5. I was using Aweber before to have it autodeliver a password that takes the customer to a password-protected download page on my website. I thought that seemed way too complicated, so I figured that I'd just shovel out the $5/month for eJunkie to get an actual shopping cart.

- Upload all of my books not only to Amazon, but also Barnes and Nobles and iTunes as well

- Make my website as awesome as possible by adding tons of free content including lots of blog posts and videos

- Promote the hell out of my website every single day using social networking, blog commenting, forum signatures, fiverr, YouTube, article writing, etc...

- Maybe even make one of my new "full" eBooks free just so I can build my list up faster

- Once I have a nice "following", then start doing some affiliate marketing and further advertising on my website

So that's my plan thus far. I have the "product creation" part down...well as far as just creating a few eBooks that is. But I know that if I'm going to take this IM thing seriously and really work towards achieving my $1500/month passive income goal, then I will really need to focus on making sales, building a list, and gaining traffic.

I intend to make a few more purchases as well, but I'm not 100% sure yet:

1.) SBI (Site Build It!) - I'm thinking about purchasing this so I can learn the ropes of how to build a niche website. I think my website is kind of a niche website, but I know that SBI will teach me more about the concept of "finding a market prior to creating a product". I created my eBooks and website based on passion, without really searching for a market prior to doing all the work. I can work on an SBI niche site concurrently, no problem! However, I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to make this purchase just yet. Thoughts?

2.) Market Samurai - This is so I can begin to conduct my own keyword searches so I can attempt to get my website ranked higher on Google by writing content specifically for popular keywords. Thoughts?

Anyway, sorry for the long post guys. I'm just really excited to achieve my goal. I've been an employee for my entire life, and I'm extremely excited to prove to myself and all of my doubters that I can create a life in which passive income covers all of my expenses. I'm not looking to get rich. I'm just looking to having my bills covered without needing to work.

Thoughts, feedback, suggestions...

Thanks everyone!
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    Sounds like a decent plan. Focus on the methods that work best and do not take up too much time. The best advice I have seen lately is to have affiliates promoting your product for you. Makes sense to me.

    I wish I was an engineer.
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    Hey thanks for the suggestion, but if I have affiliates sell my product for me then I wouldn't want to have them in online bookstores and on my website otherwise I'd be competing against the affiliates. I may look into that but only once I'm willing to remove my books from all other mediums.

    Being an engineer was okay. The money was really nice, but I'd much rather make nothing and love what I do everyday then make $90,000 per year by working for a company that I have absolutely no interest in. I also didn't like having to wake up at a certain time everyday, dress how they felt was appropriate, etc... I will be self-employed for the rest of my life, and it's the best decision that I ever made!
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    Sounds like you've work to do.

    Go do it.

    Come back when you have results and we'll celebrate your successes.
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    Stay focus and just do it.You will have challenges but that will make you stronger.Good luck!!!
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    What you have just outlined is a mindset and vision shift with a much more clearly defined goal. First you need to know how badly you want it (and in my opinion you have to want it badly) and secondly you must take consistent and applied action to make that your reality. What you don't know, you can either learn or outsource, but nothing can stop you. Not once you have made up your mind and you stick to it religiously.
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    Consistency is the key to success. There will be great times, there will be rough times. KEEP AT IT.

    Remember this drive you have now and work hard on maintaining that fire.

    Let us know how your successes go. I'd love to hear about them.
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      Great stuff!

      I think all of us struggle with productivity.
      The best way to be productive is to track your activity every hour and classify it as to whether it is:

      1. Business Building (building relationships with affiliates, creating your product, etc)
      2. Maintenance (activities to maintain your business - i.e. newsletters etc)
      3. Fun (this includes Facebook)
      4. Essentials (eating, bathing, etc)

      Tracking this is vital in ensuring that you get productive.
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  • You sound like you've got a lot planned. As long as you don't try to do everything at once, I think you can do it.

    You're on the right track when you say that you want to distribute beyond just Amazon. I distribute through Smashwords and it's great because it puts me on iTunes, B&N, Sony, and several other distributors. I'd highly suggest using them because they make things so much easier.
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  • Profile picture of the author Fazal Mayar
    stick with your pla atleast you have one, you cant make money online without a strategy or plan

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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  • It looks like a solid plan. Run with it but remember to be flexible when new opportunities or challenges come your way =)
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    Keep up doing that job, I am very happy that your doing good. Your plan is pretty is solid
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    Thanks for all the support and replies! I do have my first two books on Smashwords, but I've never made a single sale from there. I didn't realize that they automatically upload your ebooks to Barnes and Noble, iTunes, etc. But I guess that saves me the trouble of having to upload them to each individual place.

    Anyway, what is everyone's thoughts on SBI as far as learning purposes for a niche website? I'm not sure if I want to try and build a new site completely or maybe use the SBI tools for my website that I already have.

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    A successful IMer has to have two stronger sides,

    1. Product Creation
    2. Marketing of Product

    I can see that you have nearly mastered the first, but for the second one; you still have a long way to go. I would suggest you to first figure out what strategy works and what doesn't (in terms of linkbuilding a.k.a promoting).

    As I can already see that you are a good writer, you will have no problem in posting articles as guest posts in good quality sites of your niche. I would recommend you to write at-least one article a day for guest posting, as it definitely works (and will work in future too). As someone rightly said; no pain, no gain. Don't waste time in other cheap forms of promotion.
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      Originally Posted by apeee View Post

      A successful IMer has to have two stronger sides,

      1. Product Creation
      2. Marketing of Product

      I can see that you have nearly mastered the first, but for the second one; you still have a long way to go. I would suggest you to first figure out what strategy works and what doesn't (in terms of linkbuilding a.k.a promoting).

      As I can already see that you are a good writer, you will have no problem in posting articles as guest posts in good quality sites of your niche. I would recommend you to write at-least one article a day for guest posting, as it definitely works (and will work in future too). As someone rightly said; no pain, no gain. Don't waste time in other cheap forms of promotion.
      Thank you for this suggestion! Do you have suggestions as to where I'd write these articles for guest posts? I'm not quite sure where I'd write these daily articles in which I would include links to my website.

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    It seems like you have a pretty water tight plan in place!

    I wish you good luck and I look forward to hearing about all your success!
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    A well detailed plan.
    I wish you luck with your venture.
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    Originally Posted by Bkelly301 View Post

    - Promote the hell out of my website every single day using social networking, blog commenting, forum signatures, fiverr, YouTube, article writing, etc..
    These methods generally have weak penetration. There might be some instances of luck, but that traffic tapers off quickly. You won't read it that way in the course materials though. It's just too easy to write traffic plans that revolve around this stuff, so the "gurus" go to it again and again.

    The affiliate program will be a must. And no, you don't have to shut down your own promotional efforts. You may have to offer a sweetheart % deal to people with big traffic though.

    After you've made conversion adjustments and the affiliate program has a good system wide sales ratio, then perhaps you can look into buying your own traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bkelly301
    Thank you for that clarification bud much appreciated! I will look into affiliate marketing my product once it's complete. Do affiliates provide the sales page and all that or do I need to supply that as well? Also, do copyright infringements happen often when puttin my product into other peoples' hands? Thanks!
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    Congrats on your new found freedom! If I can make a suggestion, give a product away free, then use follow up emails from your autoresponder to sell the remaining 4 products - then you can consistently market to and grow your list. Also I'd recommend reading the following article which directly ties into internet marketing, by making a living finding your 1000 true fans:

    The Technium: 1,000 True Fans

    It's a good concept, talks about the fat head/long tail and turning a few sign ups into long term customers and building a quality business, granted it's more geared for creatives, but the principles are identical.
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  • Profile picture of the author Bkelly301
    I will read that article right now! Thanks!
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    Congrats on your plan - I do hope it all works out the way you have envisaged.

    I was checking Amazon yesterday re publishing an E-Book or two that I have written and what I found was I had to make a decision as to whether to publish via Amazon - as they insist on exclusive promotion rights - this means I can't sell either E-Book via my own website or whether to make the EBooks available on my own website, drive traffic which hopefully will convert into sales. AN E-Book available via Amazon is with them for at least 90 days and if one doesn't want Amazon involved in the future, then one must put in writing - if I recall correctly either 5 - 10 days to give them notice that one no longer wants to sell the EBook via Amazon. The author still owns the copyright - however Amazon have exclusive rights to promote and deliver the EBook.

    Hence, my recommendation is - research Amazon's terms and conditions and then decide what you consider is best for you.

    Hope this assists.
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    I believe you are referring to their KDP select program, which is a digital "lending" of the book. In that case, Amazon owns the rights exclusively. However, if you are just simply selling your book on amazon, then they do not own exclusive rights. I don't use KDP select for that exact reason.
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    if you want a considerably shorter journey use paid traffic
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