What is the best Free and paid software?

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Hey guys, was wondering if you could give me a list of MUST HAVE free and paid for software. I see "scrapebox" floating around but it is $97 which is a ridiculous investment at the moment. I have a few others written down that i have yet to check out. Just wondering your guy's recommendations! Cya!
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    Camtasia, scrapebox, senuke, zennoposter (not sure what it is, but I keep hearing about it).
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      Social Monkey, basic is $7 for life.
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        yeah i have heard of SeNuke and social monkey. $7 is reasonable for sure but what about an alternative to scrapebox? Anything like it? Thanks.
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          I've heard people talk about something called Comment Kahuna.
          No idea if it's any good or does all the things Scrapebox does.
          But it is free.
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    Depends on what you are trying to achieve online as to what software is actually going to be useful to you. This reply isn't supposed to be pedantic but you need to be more specific with what you are doing in order for people to give you a useful list of free/paid software. For example, are you blogging, list building, creating products, affiliate marketing, building an authority site, creating video salesletters... etc etc.
    Complete Blogging Course and List Building Kit:
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      ahh you are right man. I am going to be working on a site shortly. Right now though i am setting up a fiverr campaign so i can at least get something done while i build and let the gigs sit.
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    for choose keyword i recommend long tail keyword pro or platinum, it easy to check your competitor difficulty, you can also check domain availability then you can check your current position too.. i just test the trial and it's good but i think it's quite expensive for me..

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    Scrapebox is one of the best seo tools if you take the full power of it, no matter you are whitehat or blackhat seo. It just costs 57 $ BHW - ScrapeBox.

    For free ones:

    Woorank: technical seo audit
    OSE: backlink, PA and DA checker
    Ubersuggest: keyword suggestion

    Check this list out : 100 Best Free SEO Tools
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    If you have a few websites which you want to audit, tools like XENU (free) and A1 Website Analyzer (paid, mine) can be used in various ways to fix site errors. However, if for instance you more want to create lots of niche sites in an automated way, you need to use another kind of tools. You should probably let people know in which category you belong to get better answers
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    Try Sourceforge.net for lots of open source and free software
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    you're asking for the best paid softwares but complain about $97 being to much?
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    Why is "scrapebox" used???
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