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A few questions about putting video on a website. If you wanted to have video on your website (actual video on the site and not a link from elsewhere) what formats do most websites allow to upload?

What formats seem to play on the site with the least amount of issue?

Which would you recommend so that the person with the average computer could view them without needing to have additional software on their computer?

I remember clearly when I was promoting my first Rock & Roll book I was told (the advice was great) when adding audio to use the most commonly known formats WAVE and MP3 and not get fancy with formats that people could not play without additional software such as FLAC. Using WAVE/MP3 I never had issues with upload or the ability for the file to open/play for the person that arrived on the site.

One more video question (not related to a website). If you were emailing a video to somebody that would be between thirty seconds and two minutes would most emails (Yahoo/GMAIL/Hotmail/Website Email) allow a file that size and what formats would they allow as an attachment?

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    I'm not sure about mailing videos but to put them on a site mp4 is a common format that anything can play.

    You can run your original render through handbreak (free software...I would put the link but I'm posting from my phone) to reduce the file size for a faster load/stream.

    There is also something called mp4 fast start (never used but was recently recommended to me) that will help your videosload even faster if you are streaming them.

    I hope that helps.
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    I tend to use YouTube to host my videos for my website.
    I render them as WMV or MP4 and YouTube does it's own conversion.
    Works pretty well for me over the years.
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    The standard video codec you should use is H.264 (.mp4).

    If you're planning to self host the video files, I'd recommend using a video platform like JWPlayer to embed the video on your site just to ensure that anyone can play the files without problems.

    For emailing video content you should never send a video file by email. Instead, send your email in HTML format and use the same embedding technique to load the video from your web host inside the email message.

    You can always offer a download link beside the embedded player if you wish the user to be able to download the video.
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    thanks for goving this knowledge
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