Are my links clickable in DocStoc pls advise

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Hey guys,

I was just looking at extra ways to get traffic to my sites and I thought about adding afew articles to Docstocs I remember using this site ages ago with a WSO and I actually got a few sales of a RPG guide from clickbank.

Anyway Im not sure the links in the Document are even clickable anymore and if there arnt clickable its not going to work if all i want is to send the traffic to my site,

Heres the Doc I uploaded..
PTA Guide

Could anyone tell me if those links are linkable and go to my site

Thanks James
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    Your link are not clickable, but if you download it the link are clickable. If you want to find out why this is happen to your document, you can email their support :-
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    So the links in Docstocs actually should be clickable theres just a problem with my document ?
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      Yeah, the links on the web version of the document are not clickable on DocStoc.

      I haven't used DocStoc in a while, but I am pretty sure there was some way (within profile/account settings) to put your "author biography" picture and website link in the sidebar of each document when a visitors views the page online.

      And the website link in that author summary box in the sidebar was clickable....not sure if that is still the case or not though.
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