Who wants to try my new product for free?

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I have developed an audio based product to help you improve your focus, retention and concentration.

I am giving away free copies to anyone who will give me an honest review.

What is it?
Essentially this is just background noise like an engine running, a dull hum. What it's doing is cycling through frequencies that your brain emits during times of intense focus and concentration.

The end result is a sound that helps to a) drown out excess noise and b) sync your brain to the frequencies that help you focus.

This product will be easy to review.

1. Put your headphones on and turn the volume down to a tolerable level.
2. Go about your regular work, reading, studying whatever.

All I want to know is the following:

1. What was your overall impression
2. Do you think it improved your focus during the 60 minutes
3. Would you continue using it

Post a reply here and I will PM you the download link.

Thanks in advance
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