The Ultimative ListBuilding guide/WSO/method

by PHR
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Hey guys,

hope you´re doing well!

I have one big question to the gurus or well known eMail guys out there.

Im searching for an All-In-One guide/WSO/method about ListBuilding.
Can anyone give me some advice or direct Link to the guide/WSO/method?

Im really interested in ListBuilding since Ive build my own (just 300 subs) and want to learn pretty more things about it. (more traffic sources, better squeeze pages, better customer relationship, etc.)

I would be really happy if someone could give me some nice info where I can find a guide/WSO/method about ListBuilding.

Best regards & have a nice day!


P.S.: English isnt my main language, please excuse my grammatical mistakes. thx
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    While I'm not sitting on a Mountain freezing my butt off, away from everyone isolated to myself and thoughts to self contemplate repetitively until I go crazy with the only explanation of the craziness. Being that I'm a Guru.

    But I have been doing a Digital marketing And business building for over 10 years published books and software on the topic so when I say I know my stuff , you would agree.

    Study your niche topic and find out what motivates them and leverage that to get them to opt in, well split testing, learning and researching.

    Read a few books, reports and Case studies then go implement some tactics utilizing pain services and from there on your skills of free traffic sources.

    Never start with free traffic sources always work your way back growth you waste a lot of time. In your quickly learned while software can boost your ROI

    This will give you a boost in head start compared to anyone else.
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    The easiest and fastest way to build a quality list is to publish a WSO.

    Obviously you have to find out what that WSO should be about.

    Easy: Go to the WSO section and see what is selling like hot cakes. Hint: the WSOs that get bumped a lot make some money. 1 bump costs $40, some WSOs have been bumped 200+ times. At the very least it looks like they bring in the money for bumping. On the other hand, who would go through the hassle of bumping a WSO if it would only bring in that cost for bumping.

    Then you have to figure out how to write a WSO. Well, there are many guides around that show you how. get your hands on a couple, study them and then:

    Take Action!

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      The easiest and fastest way to build a quality list is to publish a WSO.
      Ever so kind U even buy now button In your signature

      Love it
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        Originally Posted by Clint Faber View Post

        Ever so kind U even buy now button In your signature

        Love it
        Hey Clint, I launched a product early in the year called List Building Maniacs. You want a free copy, just hit me up with a PM and I'll send it your way. It goes over all the pieces of list building.

        TEESPRING Student Rakes In Over $116k In Less Than 3 Months
        Niche Pro Profits - How I raked in OVER $120k in 9 months with authority niche sites...

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    Not sure whether you want a list building course, or an email marketing course. Both aren't necessarily the same.

    For instance: Most list building courses inside the WSO section will show you how to build large lists of terrible subscribers. You might be perfectly fine with that, but always keep in mind that the biggest lists are not always the most profitable. (I'm not saying they're all like that, but most of them definitely are)

    One could argue that you can send great free content, and build solid relationships after you've built your list, and then watch as the cashola rolls in. By that time it may be too late if you built your list from crap traffic sources. Which in a lot of cases is exactly what most teach you to do, for around $7.

    I'm not recommending any WSO list building courses because I don't believe there are any solid ones out there. There's a lot more to building a responsive email list than sending cheap traffic to a squeeze page with flashing arrows and yellow highlighted text. Makes me wanna puke.

    Anyway. Best of luck my friend.
    Wanna ‘bon-bon’ and a ride in my van with the blacked out windows?
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    there are tonnes of list building wso's and guides in the wso section, some are good some are absolutely terrible

    the bottom line is you need to be selling something that you own even if it's just for $5

    my best advice is to have your BS detector turned up full blast and do your research before putting your hand in your pocket

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      you are fantastic.

      Your tips are pretty good and I have for sure a list with crappy subscribers because they do not even open my broadcasts. (Around 2%)

      But guys, I need some solid guides about ListBuilding. I think its the easiest way to learn new things in IM.

      Im .NET Developer and Ive started as well with a solid beginner guide.

      Your tips are great, no question. But I need some concret guides about ListBuilding - there must be any good stuff out there.

      Please tell me some guides/products, because for me its the easiest way to learn new things.

      Best regards,
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  • Hi my friend ..

    Build a mailing list of the best ways to make huge profits you can build a mailing list through the free ways like as marketing by writing articles in article directories and marketing through forums, blogs and facebook groups and social Media or paid ways a make advertising campaigns through PPV or solo ads understandingbest ways and less expensive to build a mailing list, for Squeeze Page, must be simple and alluring just a catchy title with a background and attractive photos
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