I want the best solo ad offer

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Hi every one

I searched on fiverr about solo ad offers

and i get some offers

and i want to know what the best offer

my Niche is fat loss

This is A winrar file include the offers
#offer #solo
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    The worst idea u could come up with! Fiverr Sellers only claim that send it to hundreds of thousands of email subs...but ..please tell me u realize THAT IS SCAM!
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    Dont buy from fiverr, seoclerks. Buy from safeswaps or other good sites and you can find on facebook too

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      If you want a good quality business then Solo ads are the way to go...Forget Fiverr! Best place I've found is right here on the Warrior Forum! Not sure about safe-swaps, looks a little dodgy to me, you have to pay a monthly subscription in order to order! although they have a free service which is very limited, meaning on their free service you cannot contact the seller direct unless they provide their own personal email account! Another place is solochecker! i recently purchased from two suppliers with great results! didn't cost me that much either. At the end of the day, "if it sounds too good to be true, then it is"
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    Whatever you do, don't buy solo ads from Fiverr! It's most definitely going to be junk traffic and a waste of money, even if it's just a $5

    I would also recommend finding a decent solo ad vendor in Safe Swaps.
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    Never use Fiverr for solo ads. They just sent junk traffic from safe list. It is advisable to build a quality list of subscribers from safe-swap (They do offer fat loss niche subscribers) or Facebook Pay-per-click. Forum Marketing, guest blogging and youtube marketing are other possible methods.
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    IMHO, and from my experience, Fiverr is great for some things you just don't know how to do (like editing a video) or you don't have the skills (drawing, acting, do voiceovers in a given accent, writing about a topic, translations) but for site promotion... is next to useless.

    I mean, anyone claiming to reach 10 000, 50 000 or 100 000 people could do a ton of money him/herself, why waste it away for $5? The truth is that those people are spam or fake or just a lie. I learned the hard way...


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    I recently tried out a couple "solo ad" offers on Fiverr and got some clicks, but only like 1 or 2 opt-ins. I'd highly recommend getting solo ads from approved solo ad vendors that have ratings and testimonials on their page. Hopefully I'm allowed to share a link with the approved solo ad vendors (the links are not affiliate links, I don't even know of solo ad vendors who have an affiliate program).

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    never buy from fiverr.
    Check out my converting solo ads for IM/MMO offers here. 60% subscribers from premium countries.

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    forget fiverr

    if you are looking for solo ads in other niches then check out this post i did a while back i'm sure
    it will help

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    I agree ... Fiverr is good for some stuff, but definitely not solo ads.

    I would recommend that you do a Google search for blogs that are related in your niche and reach out to them to see if they are interested in selling advertising or solo emails to their list.

    If they don't regularly advertise then this list should be golden as it hasn't been used and abused : )

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    @nirosoft - You will find *some* vendors in the IM niche on swap marketplaces also have lists in other niches such as weight loss, forex, relationship advice etc for definite so don't discount those as one 'port of call'. For example I am in your niche as well but I don't sell solos in that particular niche. Outside of that it looks like you have the methodology you need for finding decent vendors from previous replies in this thread.
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    Most Fiverr services are scams.
    Stick to other sites IMHO.
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    Contact websites in your niche that you can see are building a list and ask if you could place an ad on their newsletter.
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  • Stay away from fiverr for quality services, as you're more likely to find scams. Find small blogs or websites and contact them about ads. The smaller blogs will be more responsive to you.
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