Best list building traffic?

by BennyP
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Where should i focus my efforts/money initially?

Facebook ads, solo ads, forum posts etc etc??
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    Originally Posted by BennyP View Post

    Where should i focus my efforts/money initially?

    Facebook ads, solo ads, forum posts etc etc??
    I truly recommend picking one" and then honing your skills on it . As each of them are good tactic. Neither much better or worse than the other at a level you're entering.

    There's a lot that can be taught on each of these subjects, but this information can utilize right away and start seeing results.
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    fb ads and solo ads is something you should definitely start with

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    I would focus on a couple of things and master them. Not just one thing as I don't think it's a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket.

    Solo ads, social media, blog commenting and forums are working the best for me.
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      Benny - a big consideration is how much TIME you have available, and would you rather use TIME than MONEY, or vice-versa?

      If you have TIME then posting helpful forum posts in appropriate forums, with signature links (always check the forum rules first) can steadily build your list. Also blog posts and articles fall into this category.

      If you are short on time but have some money to invest, then carefully targeted Facebook sponsored posts can work. Always test and carefully monitor to see what works, and to control your budget. Quality solo ads from a reputable seller are another suggestion.

      Kind regards
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    First you need to understand, which of those platforms can bring you targeted traffic. Do a little research, prioritize them & start testing. You will find out which platforms are bringing most traffic and conversion. Choose the one that brings best ROI.

    And I agree with Laura Raisanen, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

    So when you have chosen one platform with best ROI, do not stop there, keep testing with other platforms and select few more based on the ROI.
    Contact: nazbir[@]
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    Whichever traffic method you pick, stick to it until you master it. Solo Ads, Facebook, YouTube are all good for building your list(s).

    Other than that, I hope you have something of value to offer to your subscribers or you'll get more unsubscribers than you can probably imagine.

    And even if you don't, your open rates will be terrible.

    Best wishes,
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    Originally Posted by BennyP View Post

    Where should i focus my efforts/money initially?
    The answer inevitably depends on your own skills, Benny.

    It's true that some traffic-types tend to be more responsive (both for opting in, and for buying things later - though those are in principle two different things, of course) than others, but it doesn't necessarily follow that those are the best ones for everyone to focus their initial efforts on, because it won't help them much if they don't have the requisite skills to attract that traffic successfully. It sounds like I'm laboring a really obvious point, I know, but it's also one that many people seem totally to ignore.

    In all of my own niches, my best, highly targeted and responsive traffic for listbuilding, by far - no comparison at all with the "next best"! - is article marketing traffic. And my own worst one, by far (also throughout my entire range of niches) is Google traffic, of which I also happen to get tons, for all the good it does me. But that doesn't necessarily mean that that will be so in your business, too. The outcomes always depend on our relative skill-sets at attracting specific types of traffic.

    So, when you're wondering what to focus on initially, there are probably two helpful "main answers", I think ...

    (i) Whatever you already know how to do; and ...

    (ii) Acquiring new skills which may lead to more responsive traffic for list-building.

    And good luck!
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    I think that solo ads or ad swpas are working great. If someone subscribed to a list and read it it means that he might subscribe to another if he likes and that he read the emails that got to his inbox.

    Google adwords is a great source also, try display ad network instead of search.

    Automatically add affiliate links in your website content with Auto Affiliate Links

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    I think solo adds and Facebook are quite useful in enhancing the traffic.
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    If you want to get traffic then best thing is facebook and solo ads rather than forum posts. These are most effective than any other strategy.
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    Yes you already know the answer,
    facebook ads and post promotion, solo ads are best option to help you build a list.
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      Perhaps it depends on the type of niche also as to what would suit you
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