Need newbie Kindle advice and help choosing Kindle Newbie WSO

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Hi folks,

I am planning on jumping into the Kindle market. I would like some advice for a total Kindle newbie. I'd also like suggestions for a good newbie Kindle WSO. I just did a search of available Kindle WSOs and there are tons of them. I want to start with a WSO that is aimed at a beginner. I can come back for some advanced training later

Here's where I'm at:

My first ebook isn't completed yet but once it is I need to convert it to kindle format. From what I've read it's easy to do using Calibre. Any opinions?

OK, I created my Amazon account tonight to sell the kindle book once it's ready.

Now, what are the first things I need to do? From what I see all kindle books have AISN numbers. Do I need to submit for an AISN number somewhere for my kindle ebook before uploading it to Amazon? Do I need to print this information in the ebook before uploading it? Do you Kindle folks actually submit your kindle ebooks for copyright? If so, what service do you use?

I'm sure I will have other questions but for now I just need some advice for creating your first kindle ebook and the steps you need to take to get that first kindle ebook uploaded to Amazon.

Thanks for any/all info.

~ Bob
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    I highly recommend this one.

    Warrior Book Club

    Not only do you get the kindle training modules Bryan has compiled, and keeps updating as well as adding new ones, but you also can ask as many questions as you want from the other members and glean information from successful Kindle publishers.

    In my opinion, it is the best one for beginner, novice and pro, alike.

    Anyway, I wish you great success with your book regardless of the route you choose.

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      Formatting and publishing your book in KDP is just a few minutes task, and you don't need to buy a WSO for it. Moreover if you have not created a KDP account go ahead and do it. Amazon has posted quite a few videos on everything you need to publish your book on KDP. And it's all free.

      All the best for your first book.
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    Thank you MissTerraK for your suggestion. I will research this. Has anybody else had good luck with this service or another WSO that helped them when starting out with Kindle books?

    Nothing to see here folks.....move along.

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    I second MissTerraK's suggestion but because you're a total newbie I would highly recommend that you get Geoff Shaw's Kindling WSO. It isn't cheap but if you're serious about a Kindle career it will pay for itself over and over.

    There is a massive membership site that gives you the right information on how to get started and keep going. There is also a very active Facebook group attached. And Geoff is the real deal. You'll get no BS from him.
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    It is not completely necessary to purchase a WSO. There are lots of freely available simple tutorials about making money with Kindle.
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    The most important thing to do is to finish your book. The actual formatting and submission part is much easier than you think, and after you go through it a few times, it's a piece of cake. (And BTW, after trying a number of different Kindle formatting tools with much difficulties, I found that I could submit the completed title as a simple .doc file (MS Word) with no issues - and I have submitted nearly 20 titles total so far).

    There is PLENTY of free info available if you want to search for it. The Kindling WSO seems to get lots of positive feedback, although I have never purchased it personally).

    Best wishes,

    Why Aren't You Making Money On Kindle With Erotica?

    --->I can also write other fiction (horror, romance, mystery, etc). Just ask me, I don't bite. :)
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    I have both of the WSOs mentioned above, and I recommend both. The Warrior Book Club gives you access to a sub-forum here that is dedicated solely to Kindle publishing. You will be able to converse with other successful Kindle authors while also getting lots of training from the owner of the sub-forum.

    Kindling is huge - chocked full of information on writing fiction or non-fiction and getting it published on Kindle. There is also a private FB group attached where you can discuss the topic with others who have purchased.
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    You don't need a Kindle WSO. Find a topic you'd like to write on and then write a great book and market it (and yourself well). Check out Amanda Hocking and a few other authors who have made millions on the Kindle and see how they do things.

    Good luck, the Kindle and e-publishing is VERY profitable and a great place to be
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    I consider writing a book the hardest part of the process, so if all you have left to do is formatting and publishing to Amazon's Kindle store, then you really don't need a WSO - there is plenty of information about that online for free (and it isn't complicated either).

    Don't let the abundance of Kindle WSOs overwhelm you. Most Kindle WSOs cover one or more of the following: a) selecting a profitable subject/niche, b) methods of writing or outsourcing books quickly and easily, c) marketing and publicizing your books once they are published. There aren't many that cover the nuts and bolts of getting your book uploaded to Amazon.

    If you really do want a WSO for sanity's sake, then I would recommend the latest Kindle WSO I have read - Kindle Cash Explosion by Tudor Pangal. Disclosure - I am an affiliate - but it's a great ebook covering everything from signing up to Amazon, writing your book, getting it published on Amazon and publicising it afterwards. But really, if you've written your book already then you are 90% of the way there already
    Helping you on the way to success as a Kindle author and publisher
    Latest review: Kindle Cash Explosion by Tudor Pangal
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      I haven't been on the forum much lately because I have been so busy publishing new content over the past year, but I stopped in to check out the latest posts, and your post caught my eye! First off, congratulations on writing a Kindle book! The first one is always the biggest learning curve.

      Anyone that knows me knows that I got my start from Kindling by Geoff Shaw, and I highly recommend it. It is kind of pricey, but well worth it. Be prepared to soak in a TON of knowledge.

      If you are not interested in dropping money on a course just yet, there are lots of free resources out there. As far as formatting, I have a mac, and use Open Office....very similar to WORD....and there are a ton of resources out there tailored to WORD formatting.

      Here is a ton of info from Amazon's KDP program HERE

      There are free videos and printable PDF's, as well as a whole sleu of publishing topics on the left hand side.

      I'd start there if I were you. It's free. Free is good. Good luck!
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