Game Plan to make $30 000 in *51 Days*

by Rudz69
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G'day Fellow Warriors ,

I've set myself a Goal to make $30 k in 51 days, my best week so far was a $5 k week!!! So it's time to get my hands dirty and take ACTION!!!!

My action plan:
1) Sell Web Design's, Apps, SEO, PPC & SEM services to local Business.
My strategy to get the clients will be:
  • Browse Yellow Pages & Local Biz Directory Sites for Business with NO website or a Poor 1800's website. Make note of all the leads and Cold Call and either setting up a appointment or by telling them I'll re-design/design their site and if they like it they can go ahead an purchase
  • Go to Business (with the poor website or no website) and buy their product or services and hit them with a Undercover Sales Pitch.
  • Find People working for the business and forming a relationship with them and after the relationship has been groomed I'll undercoverly ask them to tell their boss about my services for a 20%+ referral
  • Do research on the High Paying potential business owners, invite them to a golf day or find out where they are a member and manipulate myself into their fourball XD
  • Lead Generation via FB, YOUTUBE + Google
2) Affiliate Marketing - Send Targeted paid traffic to listing. Platforms - FB, Google, Youtube... I'll also go ahead and find the influential people withing the niche and give them incentive to advertise the product to their list/fans/subscribers

3) Find a product (Alibaba or Ali express), Re Brand it. And go to Shops/Stores that already sell in that specific niche and sell it to them in BULK

4) Joint Venture with someone influential in a offline niche and make a Membership site out of his knowledge. Gona get him to write content and make the vids

5) Network, Network, NETWORK!!!!!

At the moment my Cashflow is pretty tight due to paying out a Biz partner. So 1) & 3) is absolute key to get the cashflow going again!

If you have any advice or other ideas please don't be shy :p

I'll be updating my result every 7 days!

Let's make some $$$$$$$$$$
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    Good luck, I will be tagging along this thread for the ride.
    The CRO Pro :)
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    This is what we call a "diary" or "follow me" thread. This sort of thing belongs on your blog, not in the discussion sections.

    That's not to say they don't have value. They do tend to proliferate, and they'd fill up the front page pretty quickly if we let them. It only takes a few when they keep getting bumped. Along with that, most of them end up turning into promotions for the OP's offers.

    In case you weren't aware, you have a blog here on the forum, as part of your War Room membership. One way to keep this sort of record is to post it there and put a link to it in your signature.
    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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