Media Buying Opt-in rate %?

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Hey there,

Just curious for those people who do Media buys. What's considered a good opt-in rate percentage when using banners ads to a squeeze page?

I know with solo ads you can get 50%, but I'm sure banner ads it's probably lower.


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    I would would like to know this too. Im planning on doing media buys to squeeze vs sales vs blog with product on it.
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    How long is a piece of string?

    The answer is going to greatly vary depending on niche, website(s) the banner(s) are on, the banner design, the squeeze page design, etc.

    There's really nothing to be gained by asking this question because it won't mean anything for your own results. The only way to know is to test in your own market and see.

    Sorry I can't be more help but that's the reality. You should only ever base marketing decisions off of your own results and testing.
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    The answer is it depends on:

    - Product
    - Industry
    - Page
    - Market
    - How well you do targeting
    - How congruent your advertising is

    Don't focus on whether you're doing something like media buys, PPC, SEO, etc. Focus on great targeting and a great congruent offer.

    There are only 5 things an entrepreneur should be doing all day every day to become rich. -

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