Can Music on a website improve conversions - bounce rate?

by bwh1
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I've seen this in the past a few times but what would you say about having a music track on autoplay when a visitor visit the site?

Anybody used this and what has been the results?

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    All a music track is going to do is slow down the load time of a website which is not ideal. I can't see any direct benefit of having a music track playing at all.

    Maybe someone has results that say otherwise but I very much doubt it. The first thing I do when I hit a website and it starts blurting out audio is to press the back button or mute my speakers.

    I think there are probably much better things to test that would make a much bigger difference to a bounce rate.
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    I hit the back button quick when something with sound starts playing that I am NOT expecting. It usually goes like this.

    I click a link.
    The page starts playing something with sound.
    It startles the crap out of me.
    I hit the back button and mumble... F&$#^ that ##&$$#

    Now if I click a link that says go watch this video or listen to this tune... That's a different story. I'm expecting it then.

    Rob Whisonant
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    My experience with music:

    - It always comes too soft or too loud
    - Whatever is playing, it rarely matches the mood I'm in
    - I'm happy I'm not at work or something when that music starts to play
    - It is unwanted and unasked for so, NO, I don't like it

    You're always welcome to try of course, but this is what music does to my mood when I arrive on such a website ;-)
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    Thanks guy's,

    4 No's out of 4 posts - guess that answered the question.


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