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Hi people ;-)

Been a long since my last post as an active user here.
Ok, I miss u all.
Just curious, is link in signature not allow today? Is there's a new rule about it?
When I check my WF profile page, there's "If you're going to suggest members visit the site in your signature, this is what they'll see."
I forgot what I wrote on my signature last time (few months ago). I didn't found the solution by searching on the FAQ / Knowledge base (or I might missed it).
Any further advice would be appreciated

#links #signature
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    You might have asked somebody to refer your sig file website in a reply few months ago. Warriorforum, trying to be funny here, warned you saying doing that will make your sig file read like this. just change the sig file with the best one you have and make a great restart.

    Good luck!
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      You can link to a page you own or control, such as your own blog, a sales or squeeze page for which you own the domain and hosting account, a YouTube video you own, etc. You can also link to your own products, such as a Kindle book you sell or a Flippa or eBay auction you are running. Linking to your WSO is also okay.

      You cannot post affiliate links, either naked or redirected. Same goes for template pages such as those offered by some affiliate products and MLM companies.

      If you cross the line, and you're not a habitual offender, you get a message like the one you got. Or something like "do not post affiliate links in your signature".

      If you're a habitual offender, the mods will simply turn off your sig privileges.
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    Yes you are allowed of signature and its not like this everywhere so be grateful you can in WF Forum.

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    Thanks friends!
    I got it

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Apparently you've been spamming the forum suggesting people check out your signature, so a mod has given you a new signature.
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      The mods appear to have a sense of humor!
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    If you're going to suggest members visit the site in your signature, this is what they'll see.
    It says read in between the lines...
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