There are just SOOOO many GENEROUS Warriors on this forum!!

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My hats off to the MANY members of this forum who add SO much value and truly want to help people out (you know who you are)!! You guys/gals are a fault.

Let me explain.

Yes, I'm a newbie here and have been reading these forums (as well as MANY other sources) for only a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately, I see SO many of the same types of questions being asked (and on a daily basis), while the answers are just a "search" button away. That's where I see the "generous nature" of these great Warriors come into play

Nobody is going to do the work for you! For the newbies (it seems more and more come daily, and yes, I too am included), before you ask a question (and preface with, "I'm a newbie"), try searching for the answer first. You will be VERY surprised by what you find.

Hopefully, we too will be able to help people with their questions, one day
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    Excellent advice about searching first, then asking if you can't find the answer or if you still have questions. Such an approach will help you to see, closeup, how the forum works and what it's about. And if everyone followed your advice, the focus in the main forum would be of greater benefit to everyone since repetitive threads would be minimized.

    Not only that, I think newbies would find the experienced Warriors a little more anxious to help out if such questions like "What's the shortest and fastest way to make $50K / month?" were not so prevalent.

    No one is entitled to the systems/niches/products/methods of those who have worked so hard and long to build a profitable business.

    Just my thoughts,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I also think that experienced warriors are happier to help IF the newbie has made some effort to help themselves first.
    I agree with Steve...there are so many people that simply want a shortcut to wealth when there is no short cut. All good things take time, effort and generally a little money too.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    Yes IMers are nice in general and WF forum can really be a nice experience

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    What I believe that all newbies have to understand is the fact that before making questions they have to learn the basics about internet marketing. Once I saw a newbie beginning a thread about ‘how to drive traffic to his website’ while he didn't have a website yet and he didn't even know the meaning of the abbreviation SEO… All newbies must know the basics before making questions.

    Another mistake made by many newbies is to expect answers for multiple questions in a thread. Here you will find free lessons, but not free mentors. You cannot use the forum to find free mentors who will answer all your questions and help you build your business plan from the beginning to the end.

    Now, about telling all newbies to use the search option to find old threads about the topic they care about, this is somehow helpful, but not always.

    Many Warriors complain when a newbie makes the same question already made numerous times in this forum, immediately suggesting the search tool. I agree that it is a great solution, but everyone wants to find answers for their specific problems. Everyone wants to have the chance to make questions in a new thread.

    I believe we should all show understanding when someone makes one of the questions we are used to find here, without immediately telling them to look for all threads about this matter.

    On the other hand, how will all experts have the chance to answer the newbies’ questions in this forum if the newbies are not allowed to repeat old questions?

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    I agree, it can be a little wearing to see the same questions every day, but if everyone used the search function as they should, there is so much information here nobody would hardly ever need ask anything about anything.

    Perhaps a big, 'in your face' search button might help some?

    On the other hand perhaps Allen is quite happy to see lots of new posts populating and growing his forum every day, otherwise he may have intervened already.
    Just another 2c...

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    yes while this place is different these days, and there are some negatives. I still love this place and there is no other like in on the internet if you look.

    Good luck darrin, I am sure you will do well. Work hard, build a business and not a money spinner, and you will be fine I am sure.
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    Originally Posted by Darrin Bentley View Post

    Nobody is going to do the work for you!
    Well said Darrin. And unless you understand this you'll NEVER succeed.

    But unfortunately some people simply dont get it and constantly expect others to build a six figure online business for them.

    Never gonna happen!
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    Yes I completely agree, WF has already a lot of information and guidence and it is always updated when needed. And the warriors are really very nice and helpful to newbies,
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      Originally Posted by Moneymaker2012 View Post

      Yes I completely agree, WF has already a lot of information and guidence and it is always updated when needed. And the warriors are really very nice and helpful to newbies,
      Btw, I'm checking out the instructions on WF. They break them down to small articles and small steps.
      I copy and read them all nights to apply.
      Such a great feeling to be self-improved. Thanks again, warriors!
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